IFB 30BRC2 Review: Is it really the Best Choice?

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Are you thinking to purchase the IFB 30BRC2 Convection Microwave Oven? Yes, you are. That’s why you are here to read IFB 30BRC2 Review.

Well, keep reading till the end and you will figure out whether this microwave oven is suitable as per your requirements or not. We will talk about it from the basic specifications to its advanced features I loved in it.

Not just that, but we’ll talk about the cons too, so it’s going to be a full in-depth honest IFB 30BC2 Review which you won’t find anywhere else. Now let’s get straight into the topic.

IFB 30BRC2 Convection Microwave - Review

Read why IFB 30BRC2 is the best choice among any other microwave for you


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IFB 30BRC2 Review

IFB 30BRC2 is the best selling convection microwave oven of IFB. Many people purchase this oven for home use and some for small bakery shops too.

Considering its price, it is the best choice among any other microwave oven in the market. Let’s find out what makes it different from others and why most people choose it.

Below are the main specifications of IFB 30BRC2 that you must know about.


30 Litres


1 Year (3 Year Magnetron)

Child Lock



101 Recipes

Starter Kit


Control Pad





2200 watts

Operation & Ease of Use

IFB 30BRC2 is very easy to use. You will be able to perfectly use this device just after a couple of usages. It will hardly take 3-6 days for a user to completely understand its functionings. Maybe you’ll crack all of its features within your first day.

For instructions, you can read the given manual. But I’ll suggest you watch a few videos on Youtube to learn it properly. You can also subscribe to our blog stay updated with more oven related content.

But still, to make you understand how easy it is, let’s discuss its features and how to use the control touch panel. 

Special Features

The first thing you see on the control panel is the timer at the very top. Below there, you have major one-click buttons like Popcorn, beverage, rice, cake, etc.


With that, you also get a dedicated re-heat button to quickly heat your food. This comes very handily when you have guests or you need to heat morning food sometimes. Looking down you can easily get the functions like setting timers and all.

6 Different Modes

But with that, there are a couple of buttons like convection, convection+grill, micro+grill, etc. These 6 buttons are very useful while cooking so you can adjust your oven settings all at once depending upon the item you are cooking.

Keep Warm

Now at the very bottom, you get options like keep warm to keep your food at a certain temperature. The power-saving feature in this IFB 30BRC2 is really very useful in terms of saving your electricity.

Steam Clean

Not just that, there is a dedicated steam clean button also which easily lets you clean the internal cavity of the oven with a cloth. You will get no major issues during the cleaning and caring process of the oven.

Ease of Use & Experience

Recently we conducted a test to find out what most people think about the IFB 30BRC2 convection microwave oven. Results were just amazing, IFB 30BRC2 is the best convection microwave oven for home use.

As we already stated, most people get this oven for their personal home kitchen. From things like reheating food to cooking new dishes. From vegetarian recipes to roasted chicken on the rotisserie, the majority of the responses were positive.

Definitely, sometimes things do not go well and you may end up spoiling your whole recipe if you are new to it. But once you get used to all the temperature settings, timers & modes. You’ll face no major issues.

We also tried baking a small little normal sponge cake just for test purposes and it was quite good. People have also shared their made cakes and it really looks amazing.

So from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes & baking as well. IFB 30BRC2 is probably the best convection microwave oven for your kitchen.

A couple of years back, the brand also updated this model and launched the IFB 30FRC2 model. You can read our detailed 30FRC2 Review. But still, the majority of people prefer to buy IFB 30BRC2 online. You can read the detailed comparison between IFB 30BRC2 vs IFB 30FRC2 on our blog.

Should you buy this Microwave Oven?

IFB 30BRC2 is a perfect microwave oven as it fulfills all the needs & requirements of a user. The brand has made such an amazing machine priced perfectly for the features it provides.

If your budget fits for this microwave oven, without thinking much just go for it. This is the best and highest selling convection microwave oven in India.

Most of the users prefer this microwave, just because it gives you tons of features which really benefit you in daily cooking. If you need a microwave for your home, this is the best choice.

The 30 L capacity is sufficient even if you welcome more guests sometimes at your home. With all the latest features and different useful modes, you can easily cook delicious food at your home with this oven.

IFB also provides you a year-long warranty on this model. However, you will not face any kind of issue using this oven. It has a long life span.

In case, you can go higher with the budget, check out this LG MC3286BRUM Review. It costs slightly more but will give you more benefits. Well if you’re strict with the budget, then just stick with this IFB 30BRC2.


IFB 30BRC2 is the best selling convection microwave oven in India. No doubt, it is because of its features and specifications it provides to the users in such a good price range.

There are no other microwave ovens in the market to be compared with this one till now. Sure, it may differ from user to user. But as the majority wins and here IFB 30BRC2 also does.

If you have a good budget to purchase the IFB 30BRC2 microwave oven, then it is totally a perfect choice for you. As it is totally worth buying for home purposes. You may read our more guides if you need to purchase an oven for big shops.

Till then, let us know what do you think about this convection oven. Was this IFB 30BRC2 review helpful or you have more questions about it. Leave them in the comments and we’ll answer your queries. Thanks for reading, stay tuned.

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IFB 30BRC2 Convection Microwave

IFB 30BRC2 is the best choice for people with medium size family and need a convection microwave oven for home.

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