9 Best OTG Oven in India 2023 (Updated Guide)

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Are you looking for the best OTG oven in India 2023? Are you confused in between microwave ovens or OTG ovens? Do you want to know what is OTG Oven? Or do you have some similar questions in your head? Well, you just landed on the correct page.

Today here in this article, we are going to solve all your queries about OTGs in this guide. So just stick with us, throughout and till the end of this article.

Not just that most importantly, we will guide you through the list of the Top 9 Best OTG oven in India 2023 which you can consider to buy.

However, if you’re considering to buy a convection oven, here is our detailed guide on best convection microwave oven 2023.

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Top 3 Best OTG in India 2023: Philips, Agaro & Bajaj

Our Best Recommendations

9 Best OTG Oven in India 2023: Updated Guide

Check out the best OTG ovens available in Indian Market in 2023

Read our comprehensive guide on the best otg oven in india 2021

Now let’s go ahead and look up at the list of best OTG Oven in India 2023. Just make sure you consider all the things given in our guide at the end of article before making your decision.

We have discussed all the things from what is an OTG Oven, How it works and even compared it with Microwaves. Read that thoroughly to have a better understanding of OTGs.

One thing you can be assure of is that all of the products listed below are the best models under OTG Ovens. So you don’t need to worry about that.

We’ve already researched a lot and made this easier for you. Just head over to the list. Look up at all the products and make the decision to buy any of our recommended products.

Here is the list of the Top 9 Best OTG Oven in India 2023.

Product Capacity Link
1. Philips HD6975/00 OTG
25 L
2. AGARO Marvel OTG
48 L
3. Bajaj Majesty 16L
16 L
4. Bajaj Majesty 22L
22 L
5. Borosil Prima 42L
42 L
6. Morphy Richards 52 RCSS
52 L
7. Prestige POTG
19 L
8. Prestige 9 L OTG
9 L
9. Wonderchef 19 L OTG
19 L

9 Best OTG Oven in India 2023: Reviews

These are our true, honest & unbiased reviews on the best OTG oven 2023

1. Philips HD6975 25 L OTG - Best Seller

This Philips device comes in two variants, 25 L & 36 L capacity

best otg in india by philips brand
Key Features
Product Review

This Philips 25 L capacity OTG is perfect for families with 4-5 people. In case you think it’s not a right fit for your family size, it also has a variant with a 36 L huge capacity.

This Philips digital OTG comes with single-touch preheat technology to save your time inside the kitchen. Most of the OTG Ovens do not have many features, but under such a comfortable price range, you get these functions inside this OTG Oven.

The device comes along with essential baking components like the baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods, tong, & grill rack too. But in addition to that, the brand also provides a special Indian Recipe book with this OTG.

This Philips OTG comes with a 2-year huge warranty that’s why most people choose this for home. In case something goes wrong after strong usage, you can easily get the benefit of the huge warranty.

It also has a security function which cuts off the electricity if your oven keeps running over for 90 minutes. Nobody would use an oven for more than an hour. In case you forget, the security feature will save your oven from getting overheated & damaged.

You can bake perfect cakes at home with this oven, not just that, the toasting technology is also very amazing of this little OTG.

The Opti-Temp technology inside this OTG ensures uniform heating that results in awesome baked cookies and cakes.

With a one-touch preset menu, you can access up to 10 different presets to use in this oven.

It is a complete digital display control oven with two soft knob controls as well. It is because controlling temperature with a knob is much easier than doing it with buttons.

The chamber light inside of the oven looks really beautiful and makes it easier to look inside of the OTG while cooking food.

Overall, it is one of the best OTGs in the market for homes. If you’re looking for an OTG for a home, no doubt go for this one. You’ll never regret making this decision.

Make sure to look at both variants, if 25 L suits a fit for you, go for it, else you can also look for the 36 L variant for your home. In case you’re still confused, read our detailed Philips OTG Review.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 25 L or 36 L

Special Feature – Beautiful Light

Power Consumption – 1500 watts

2. AGARO Marvel 48 L OTG - Best for Home

This AGARO device comes with 9 L to 48 L capacity variants

best otg in india 2021
Key Features
Product Review

This AGARO Marvel OTG Oven comes with a bunch of variants ranging from 9 L, 19 L, 25 L, 38 L to even this 48 L capacity.

Having so many options in the price range and capacity gives much more flexibility to the user to choose the appropriate model for their needs.

But with that said, all of these variants have similar features as well. It comes with 3 heating modes, Top Heating, Bottom Heating, to Top & Bottom both combined. Not just that, you can also enjoy rotisserie capabilities with it.

To bake perfect cakes, a suitable temperature required is around 200 degrees celsius. This little device unlocks you to go up to 250 degrees celsius as well. This really helps in pre-heating the device faster.

It comes with a heat-resistant glass which really protects you and the oven from getting overheated from the front panel. You’ll feel much safer while using this OTG as compared to the other ones.

This device comes along with a 1-year warranty which is sufficient enough for this price bracket. Smart features like Auto Shut-off, Ready bell, Thermostat really helps in day-to-day cooking tasks.

This OTG runs on 2000 watts that gives a much smoother and faster experience while working. At last, the overall look and design of this oven also look much premium and it doesn’t feel like a cheap one.

If you’re comfortable with the price, just go with this device, prefer choosing the 48 L variant as the price gap isn’t that much and it’ll help you sooner or later.

But if you’re strict with the budget, you can also avail of other little variants. If this model gets you interested, read our detailed Agaro OTG Review.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Warranty – 1 Year

Capacity – 48 L

Special Feature – Motorized Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 2000 watts

3. Bajaj Majesty 16L Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj 16L OTG is a small & cute looking oven recommended for small families

This is Bajaj's Best OTG Oven in India 2021
Key Features
Product Review

This Bajaj Majesty 16L OTG still remains the best OTG under 5000 Rs. to buy in 2023. It is the #1 best seller in the market under Rs. 5000.

It is a very affordable option for small families who need an Oven with Toaster & Grill. You can do baking, roasting, grilling, and all basic cooking with this OTG. This is probably the only oven that comes with Rotisserie at such a lower price.

The device comes in White & Silver finishes, so you can choose the color matching your kitchen interiors. It has a steel metallic finish design along with a transparent glass door at the front.

You can easily look inside the OTG without opening the door, making cooking much more ease.

On the right side, you have the jog dial that allows you to control temperature and cooking time. You can set up a 60-minute timer so even if you forget your food is cooking, the timer will turn off the OTG at your preferred time.

Talking about safety concerns, it has a powder-coated metallic body with a cool-touch handle which means you won’t feel the OTG heat on the OTG door.

It is a 1200 watts appliance so you can expect good and fast cooking.

The Nutri-pro feature inside the OTG maintains the nutrients of the food and gives you healthy dishes every day. This is the best OTG Oven under Rs. 5000 for home use in India.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 16 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

4. Bajaj Majesty 22 L Oven Toaster Grill

For medium sized families, this 22 L OTG is the best, read why

22L Capacity Best OTG Oven in 2021 in India
Key Features
Product Review

This Bajaj 22 L OTG Model is a very good option available in India for 4-5 member families. If you are from one of those families, keep reading. We’ll let you know why this can be your best choice.

Have a look at the design of this OTG. With a glassy finish at the door, you can see easily inside the oven while cooking.

On the very right hand side of the front panel, you have the main control options that have rotating jog dials. It is 1200 watts so the cooking experience will be faster

Even the dials look so classy and it does not feel like a cheap oven. The look of this oven itself, will rise up the look of your whole kitchen.

Talking about the features and functions, here you get regular OTG things like grilling, toasting & baking. You can control the temperature and timer settings just by switching the dials at your desired values.

It also lets you do rotisserie cooking things where you get free cooking & crumb trays. Also, there is an extra long rotisserie skewer rod given to you with this oven for free.

At last, overall this OTG oven is the finest choice for medium sized families. It is available in two different color designs. You can check out this product and consider buying it as well.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 22 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Thermostat Monitor

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

5. Borosil Prima 42 L OTG Oven

Looking for huge capacity under budget? This is the one for you

borosil prima 42L best otg oven in india
Key Features
Product Review

The Borosil Prima 42 L OTG Oven is a very affordable option for people looking for the best OTG in India under 10000 with huge capacity.

This OTG Oven is our strong recommendation for people who have either a joint family with a lot of members or someone who is looking for a perfect OTG Oven for baking purposes.

Talking about it’s features and specifications, this OTG comes along with the convection technology too that is what most of the other models do not have.

You have the option to control this OTG with 6-Stage heating that allows you to cook upto 230 Degree celsius. That is enough for baking a few cakes simultaneously in the oven.

Not just that, but this OTG does also come along with a beautiful light chamber that allows you to see through the glass to crave at your dish.

What makes this model a lot more preferable is that the brand also does provide important cooking accessories like cooking tray, rotisserie handle, crumb tray, grill rack, and also a recipe book.

Overall, for it’s pricing, it is a really value for money deal if you are looking for the best OTG in the Indian market. If the capacity doesn’t suite your needs, make sure you look at other small capacity variants too.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 42 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Convection

Power Consumption – 2000 watts

6. Morphy Richards 52 L Oven Toaster Grill

With such huge capacity, Morphy Richards 52 L OTG is one of the best choices

Best OTG Oven for Baking Cakes in India 2021
Key Features
Product Review

This Morphy Richards 52 RCSS OTG is among the best OTGs in high-capacity ovens. It comes with over 52 L capacity, that’s really huge. In comparison to microwave ovens, OTGs come with such a huge capacity at a very affordable price. 

The design of this OTG is quite fine, it has a glassy mirror door at the front. 

Along with big capacity, it also does provide you with more amazing cooking features. You have a motorized rotisserie to cook kebabs.

There is a whole convection function as well inside this oven. Also, the inside tray and cavity are designed with such a material that is really very easy to clean.

It does also have a keep warm feature which allows the food to stay fresh inside the oven. This does not mean it will keep consuming power.

But it has the ability to retain the heat inside the oven with a constant temperature to keep the food warm & delicious to eat.

As it’s 52 L huge, it runs on over 2000 watts which is very power consuming. But again, the cooking time compared to other ovens will be very less.

You also do have 2 years of warranty on the device. Most of the time, these ovens run easily for an age of years but just in case you face any issue, you can avail the facility here.

Also, you have multiple capacity options like 40L, 52L & even 60L as well. In case you want to consider this OTG in your list, make sure to read our detailed Morphy Richards 52 RCSS Review.

It is a good recommendation from us for consumers who need an OTG for medium or big families. This is also the best OTG oven for shops as well in 2023.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 52 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 2000 watts

7. Prestige POTG 19 PCR Oven Toaster Grill

This Prestige Model is a 19 L OTG, very suitable for small & medium families

Best OTG Oven in India 2021
Key Features
Product Review

The Prestige POTG 19 PCR is among the very few OTG ovens in India which comes with good features like rotisserie, fast cooking at a very affordable price.

This 19 Litre OTG Oven lets you do grilling, toasting, baking and cooking kebabs using rotisserie as well. As the capacity is low here, we recommend this appliance for small families having just 2-3 people.

If you have more members in the house or just suppose you have a guest visit at your home. Your wife may have to use it several times to cook for all the people.

This isn’t a big issue, but it just takes a bit of time so we consider it as well while talking about the best OTG Oven in India 2023.

It runs on 1380 watts which means it is good and quick at cooking. Also, you have a temperature control from 100 degrees to 250 degrees celsius. For baking as well, it may work quite fine.

Overall, this Prestige 19 L OTG is a good option for small families as it provides you with tons of features. It is definitely recommended for small homes.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 19 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – 100 to 250 Degrees

Power Consumption – 1380 watts

8. Prestige 9 L Oven Toaster Grill

If you have a very tight budget, consider buying this Prestige OTG for your kitchen

Key Features
Product Review

This Prestige POTG 9 PC model is a very cheap & affordable oven that is quite good at functioning as well. With just a 9 L oven, you can’t expect to have good baked pizzas & cakes.

But definitely you can try preparing small recipes like baked toasts, cheese toasts & baked veggies as well. 

It lets you do Baking, Grilling & Toasting but the only issue is the space. Still you can expect good functioning for all the small recipes you want to try with this oven.

Also, it is 800 watts appliance and hence does not consume much power. Even the cooking time is fine as it cooks small recipes for which 800 watts is also good.

We only recommend this OTG Oven to the people who just need small cookings like Tea. It is very cheap at price as compared to others. Definitely a good choice at the price at which company is offering it to you.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 9 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Unique Design

Power Consumption – 800 watts

9. Wonderchef 19 L OTG Oven

Check this latest Wonderchef model, recently got popular in 2023

Key Features
Product Review

Wonderchef OTG Ovens have recently got very popular in the market. We went ahead to review there OTGs, you can read our honest guide on Wonderchef OTG Reviews.

There we have reviewed all of the Wonderchef best selling OTG Ovens in India. Especially the 19 L OTG model is being sold the most in our Indian market.

This Wonderchef 19 L OTG competes the already very popular Agaro & Philips OTG Ovens. It has now become another option to choose from if you were looking for another reputable brand that provides best OTG oven for home use.

The speciality about this OTG Oven is that it does come along with heat resistant glass protection at such a low price. Not just that, but it also have multi-stage heat selection modes, that makes it another USP.

With every feature you need in an OTG like, auto-shut off, temperature control, good built quality knob controls, this OTG is a perfect choice if you’re looking to find an OTG for Indian kitchen, it is one of the best OTG Oven in India 2023

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 19 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Heat Resistant Glass

Power Consumption – 1280 watts

What is OTG Oven?

Detailed info on what is an OTG, must read

The word OTG itself stands for Oven, Toaster, Grill. The name itself shouts out loud that this is a type of appliance that can act like a normal oven, toaster, and as well as a griller.

An OTG Oven works on a simple principle. The electrical energy gets converted into heat energy which heats the rods of OTG. Then these rods in result heat the food placed inside the cavity.

There are several OTG Oven uses inside a kitchen which comes very handy at the moment.

It’s our human tendency to negotiate someone’s or something’s value. Until & unless it’s gone, our brain does not understand how important these appliances play roles in our daily lives.

Anyways, coming back to the topic. An OTG or Oven Toaster Griller is a machine that can help in cooking, grilling, toasting, and in other cooking works.

Professional chefs and cooks prefer using an OTG Oven instead of a microwave oven for their usage. Also, it is considered that these are the best baking ovens if compared to other conventional ovens.

Uses of OTG Oven

Read what functions and how you can use an OTG Oven

An OTG can be used for various purposes. One can use it to perform basic cooking needs like heating to advanced ones like grilling, toasting, etc. 

Back in time, our ancestors used to dig coal mines and collect coals to burn them as fuel inside a traditional oven to cook food. We are so lucky to born in this technically advanced world which makes our lives a lot easier.

So you got the point right?

There are a lot of OTG Oven uses where professionals prefer using it.

But most of the time, it comes very helpful while baking things like pizzas & cakes too. Professionals say that OTG ovens are good at baking and hence they are considered as the best baking ovens too.

Here are a few reasons why OTGs are best for baking.

Difference Between OTG and Microwave Oven

Let’s go a bit technically at this. An OTG Oven works on a mechanism where electrical energy coming in the appliance gets converted into heat energy which heats the coil or rods of the oven.

This rod gets heated so much that it can heat anything placed around it. So when the raw food is kept on the rod and the oven is turned on. The food gets heated because of the heated rod. It’s so simple.

Whereas, a Microwave Oven works on the technical principle of microwaves where these frequencies heats directly the food inside the container. You can read about this more by clicking here.

There are a lot more major differences between an OTG Oven and a Microwave Oven.

You may go through the below table to find out all those differences. It may affect your buying decisions, so make sure you study it properly.

read which one to choose from microwave vs otg oven

OTG Oven

Microwave Oven

It can be used as an Oven, Toaster, Grill, and to bake food.

It can only be used as an Oven which can heat, cook, sometimes grill & bake as well.

OTGs consume less power in cooking food.

It consumes high power as most of them run on more than 1000 watts.

OTGs are mostly used in shops.

Microwave Ovens are preferred for home-usage.

It is used by professional chefs for cooking, heating, baking & grilling.

It is made for beginners and normal housewives who love to be creative at cooking.

OTGs take more time to cook food. 

It consumes less time as compared to an OTG to cook food.

Smart features like auto-cooking are not available, you have manual control.

Auto-Cooking is designed to save you more time & effort.

You can keep metal vessels inside OTG without any worries.

You must use plastic or glass containers to cook food inside a microwave oven.

They come in big capacities as up to 60 liters or more.

A microwave oven’s max storage can be somewhere near 40-45 liters.

Lightweight appliance & difficult to use.

Heavyweight appliance but easy to use.

Full manual mechanical controls are there.

You have easy to change settings on touch panels.

OTG Size & Capacity Guide

Confused which size OTG is best for you? Read these quick tips

One of the main things while buying an OTG Oven is that which size OTG is best? Do you really need a 52 L OTG like the Morphy Richards? Or the Philips 25 L OTG can handle all your work.

do you want to know which size otg is best for your home? check this otg size guide chart infographic

Well, the answer to this quesiton may vary from person to person. But here is a quick chart that you can go through to decide which size OTG is best for your home depending upon your family size and requirements.

Family Size

OTG Size


9-10 Liters


15-25 Liters


25-45 Liters


45-60 Liters

As you can see in the above table, if you are a solo person living away from your family and you need an OTG for basic purposes, you may go with a 9 Liter size OTG.

However, if you live with a few family members then 15-25 Liters capacity suits the best fit.

If you have a couple of members in your family, 25-45 Liters must be your leas minimum. However if you runa a baking shop or need to cook or bake for more than 7+ members at once, you must go with a huge size OTG Oven.

The FAQ Section

We weekly pick top asked similar questions by our users here

  1. Which is the best OTG oven in India for baking in 2023?

When it comes to baking, all the mid range OTG ovens perform excellent thorough baking functions. But still for your preference, we suggest you to go with Black & Decker Toaster Oven, Panasonic FlashXpress or the Maximatic OTG from our list.

  1. What is the main thing required for good baking in OTG?

For good baking, an oven must have above 200 degree temperature range. Baking needs over 200 degree temperature to bake pizzas & cakes properly. You may also be cautious while baking and may need to spin the food inside the oven to bake it properly.

  1. Should I purchase a good convection microwave oven or an OTG Oven?

There are a variety of amazing convection ovens as of now in India. But it all depends upon your pocket & your needs. We suggest buying a good OTG oven with a big space if you have a shop or you need an oven for a big family.

Else, you can also purchase convection ovens for home use if you want modern smart features. OTG Ovens are generally full manual control, light weighted and do not have so many smart automatic features like in a convection oven.


Wrapping this guide here with few final words here

OTG ovens are considered for professional use. Whether you have a baking shop or a hotel. Even if you have a big or medium family you can purchase an OTG oven for your needs.

Always remember there are no advanced smart technology features in an OTG oven. These are very affordable, full manual control ovens which are made for professional chefs.

But learning it is also not that difficult, you can easily learn using an OTG oven online at home by reading our guides and watching videos.

Tell us which is the product you’re going to buy from the list. Do you have any more good suggestions to list here?

Let us know your recommendations too, we always consider our users feedback. It helps buyers & consumers like you to make the perfect choice.

Was this guide helpful for you to choose the best OTG Oven in India 2023? Drop your thoughts below.

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