10 Best Oven for Baking in India (2021) – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is a very commonly asked question which is the best oven for baking in India 2021? You are also searching for the answer to this question, right? Well, you just landed on the best information page as we have got you covered all about it in this article.

Baking is very important to consider while buying an oven. You cannot bake good & professional cakes using a cheap microwave oven.

You will have to invest in a good convection oven or a professional OTG oven to do good baking. Honestly, when it comes to baking, OTG Ovens are the best options and much affordable compared to convection ovens. But in this article, we have discussed both OTG and convection ovens as well.

We highly recommend you read our dedicated review guide about the best OTG Ovens in India and choose your desired OTG Oven from that guide.

Well, don’t worry about anything else. Just keep reading and you’ll get answers to all your questions related to the best oven for baking in India 2021.

For baking especially, there are two types of ovens to consider. A Convection Oven or an OTG Oven. Let’s study both of these ovens and what are the differences between them. We will also let you know which one you should go with.

Convection Oven vs OTG Oven For Baking

Let’s have a look which is the best for baking

A convection microwave oven works by distributing heat evenly inside the oven cavity. It circulates the overall heat inside of the oven so that it can bake things properly from all sides.

It is very good and fast at baking cookies & roasting. But it gets a little bit messy while baking a cake with a cheap convection oven. The same evenly circulating system which makes it a good oven makes it a bit tough for baking cakes. 

As the heat is being circulated inside the oven, the fan sometimes dries the surface which troubles the baking of the cake properly. That is the reason why a cheap convection oven is not preferred by professional baking experts.

On the other hand, an OTG Oven works normally by heating the rods situated at the bottom and top. These filaments are heated up to such a level that heats the whole cavity of the oven.

As a result of which, you get your cakes baked properly. There is no circulating heat fan inside of an OTG Oven so you don’t get your stuff dried out while using it. It is preferred by professionals for baking cakes, cookies & all other items. Also, OTG Ovens are very cheaper in cost so you do not have to worry about that.

Basically, you can opt for any good convection oven from our recommendations below as they do not cause this problem. Only cheap convection ovens result in this circulating heat and drying problem. Whereas, you can easily bake good cakes in any cheap OTG which you can get at the same pricing as the cheap convection oven.

The point is if you need a cheap oven for your home for baking, go for an OTG, else go for a high-end convection oven as it will be helpful in day-to-day cooking, re-heating, roasting grilling & baking as well.

If you have already decided to go with a convection oven, you must read our comprehensive review guide on the best convection microwave ovens in India.

Why OTG are Best Oven for Baking Infographic 2021

But as all different devices are made with different technologies for different purposes. Both a convection oven and an OTG oven have their benefits. Have a look at the table below to understand it more properly.

Convection Oven

OTG Oven

It works by circulating heat inside the oven.

OTG Oven creates a heating environment by heating the filaments.

Convection Ovens come with less capacity and are the best ovens for home use.

OTG Oven comes with a huge capacity up to 60L and is the best oven for baking and professional use.

You get smart advanced features in a convection oven.

You don’t have multiple advanced automatic technologies in OTG.

It is very easy to learn, control & use.

OTG Ovens have manual control panels that are difficult to learn.

The main difference is that Convection Ovens are easy to use, made for homes & come with less capacity with smart features.

Whereas, OTG Oven is for those people who are serious about baking. Here you will have to learn the manual controls. As the capacity of these ovens is high, these are preferred by shop owners mostly. In case you still have doubts, check out this post about convection oven vs OTG for Baking.

I hope you got it right? For normal purposes, you can opt any of the cheaper OTGs listed in the article, go for the bigger ones for shops and commercial purposes. Else, you can also go for the convection ovens listed in our list as they are the best ones for baking for home.

This information is enough for you to decide which type of oven you need. A convection oven or an OTG oven. I hope you have your answer to this question in your mind.

Now let’s check out the best oven for baking in India in both convection and OTG oven categories. We have listed the top products in both categories, you can get your desired one from the recommendations.

These are our shortlisted Top 10 Best Oven for Baking in India 2021.

Product Capacity Link
1. Inalsa MasterChef OTG
16 L
2. Morphy Richards OTG
28 L
3. Black & Decker OTG
8 Slices
4. Bajaj Majesty OTG
45 L
5. Panasonic FlashXpress OTG
9" Pizza
6. Morphy Richards OTG
52 L
7. Bajaj OTG
16 L
8. Samsung 21L Convection
21 L
9. Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL
28 L
10. IFB 30BRC2
30 L

Top 10 Best Oven for Baking in India (2021)

Read our true & honest review on the top 10 best oven for baking in India

1. Inalsa MasterChef 16 L OTG Oven - Best Affordable OTG

Let’s start this list with this 16 L most affordable OTG Baking Oven

Inalsa 16 L Best Oven for Baking in India

Total Score

Product Review

Inalsa Masterchef 16 L OTG Oven is considered as the best oven for baking for people with low budget. Obviously, with such an oven, you can’t do professional cooking for shops, bakeries & restaurants.

But for people who just need a baking oven for home usage, it is the one to go with.

This little 16 L OTG Oven runs on 1300 watts which is sufficient to make your overall cooking experience much faster. Probably you may wonder it’ll not be good enough.

Trust me, it just looks so little. With so much of its features and capabilities, it in itself stands out from the other products under the same price range.

It has a temperature range of up to 100-250 degrees. Which is very well enough to bake properly. The cavity space is enough to place four pieces of bread at a time.

It can also bake your favorite regular sized 9” pizza inside it very easily. 

It is built on a double heating element mechanism where on both sides top & bottom you get proper heating which ensures good quality of your food.

It comes with 60-minute timer control and you can also turn the stay-on feature if you think the food needs more cooking. It has a transparent see-through glass which lets you easily watch what’s happening inside the oven.

It comes with 2 years warranty and the package includes some basic important components too which you’ll find useful while cooking.

The built material is also good which is very easy to clean too. It comes with 5 different capacity variants ranging from 10 L to 30 L. So you have a wide variety of options to choose from depending upon your family size. You can watch this awesome video to have a better understanding of this oven.

Overall, it is the best oven for baking in India for people who need it for home-usage. It is easily affordable for small families who need a good baking oven.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 16 L

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – 100 to 250 degrees

Power Consumption – 1300 watts

2. Morphy Richards 28 L OTG Oven

This Morphy Richards model is a powerful baking oven under 28 L category

MorphyRichard 28L Baking Oven

Total Score

Product Review

Morphy Richards is one of the best microwave oven brands in India. This 28 L model is powerful in terms of baking and all other stuff like grilling, heating, and toasting.

It comes with a rotisserie function which is a cherry on the cake. You can also perform good grilling with this OTG Oven. For cooking, it comes with auto-cook options as well.

The inner chamber of this oven is made up of such material which hardly gets any rust. Also, these elements get heated quickly and can retain heat for a long time. This helps a lot in saving energy and minimizing power consumption.

It comes with special tongs that you can use while baking. Instead of using hands or any other types of equipment, you can use these tongs to tilt and check your food while cooking.

It has also a 60-minute timer that you can set or manually check the oven. Another reason why we listed it here in this best oven for baking guide is that it’s non-sticky.

While baking or even grilling, you don’t have to add oil or any other food lubricant. The coating is non-sticky & galvanized which is very easy to use as well.

It is a fast oven as it runs at 1600 watts. You may have to properly take care because it’s possible it can bake things quickly and faster than the expected time.

Also, the warranty on this device is for 2 years. Morphy Richards is also popular for its best servicing for its users. You can get this for you if you need a good oven for baking under a fair budget. It’s a real value for money deal still in 2021.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 28 L

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1600 watts

3. Black & Decker OTG Oven - Recommended

Black & Decker OTG is the king in OTGs, and OTGs are king in baking

Best OTG Oven in India 2021

Total Score

Product Review

We already have talked about this Black & Decker OTG. Instead, it topped in our best OTG oven guide. Here in this baking oven guide too, this product marked a spot.

The overall big horizontal compact design of this oven makes it different and stand out from others. It can easily bake a 12” sized pizza or approx. 8 bread slices at once. That is a lot in comparison to other baking ovens.

It has a 60-minute timer available but with that, it also has a dedicated timer for the toaster. The convection heating creates overall natural and equal heating inside the oven which helps in baking cakes & pizzas properly.

It does come with a baking pan, which is also good in terms of built quality.

It comes with just 1 rack so that you can only place one thing at a time. But that ensures that it cooks properly. It is a good thing than just stuffing your oven and then waiting for everything to get spoiled.

Make sure to look at this oven, it is also very quick at baking as it gets heated very fastly. Yes, it is the best oven for baking in India 2021 for small shops & homes.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – Perfect for Pizzas

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1500 watts

4. Bajaj Majesty 45 L OTG Oven

Bajaj, our own Indian brand has also some best ovens for baking in 2021

Bajaj 45L Baking Oven

Total Score

Product Review

This Bajaj 45 L Model is another best oven for baking in India 2021. In a comfortable price range, which is not that high and not even low, this OTG is the best baking oven in India.

OTG Ovens come at a much comfortable price bracket in comparison with convection ovens. This 45 L capacity Bajaj OTG Oven is suitable for 7-8 people easily. Depending upon different conditions, it may sometimes feed for your guests too.

It is a 1200 watt appliance so you will not have any problem with the cooking time. It is a faster and efficient baking oven. It has 3 jog dials made for settings like temperature, mode & timer.

The oven includes essential components like trays, rack, skewer rods & even tongs. With the timer settings, you can always assure your oven gets turned off automatically after finishing cooking.

The stainless built quality is very easy to clean. You’ll find no issues using it for a long period of time. But in case you get a manufacturing defect, or it is under warranty, you can always avail of the benefits of their 1-year warranty service.

The motorized rotisserie lets you cook delicious barbeque recipes too. It comes with three different capacity models, you can choose from 28 L, 35 L, or this 45 L oven, depending upon your family size.

There is not much price difference, I’ll suggest you choose the 45 L model.

Overall, it is a good option. Yes, it is good for baking too. You’ll always get fluffed and delicious pizzas & cakes out of it.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 45 L

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

5. Panasonic FlashXpress OTG Oven - Best Baking Oven for Shops

This Panasonic FlashXpress is most selling OTG oven and loved by shop owners, read why

Best OTG for Baking 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This Panasonic FlashXpress is heaven for shop owners. If you have a shop where you need a good oven for all kinds of uses like grilling, cooking & baking. This is the one I will recommend to you.

Definitely, if you have a shop, you really want to invest in a good thing. If you have a good amount to spend on an OTG Oven, you should go for this Panasonic FlashXpress oven.

Ask yourself, what features do you need in an oven for your shop? Good energy-saving, time-saving & efficient working machine right? You get all of that inside this OTG.

The design of this oven is not that great as it is made for your shop’s back end. We need showpieces for our homes, so that’s not an issue here.

This OTG Oven comes with 6 different pre-installed 1-click buttons for toasting, grilling, quick reheat, defrosting & baking pizzas. It is the most important and useful feature any shop owner can get.

With that, you get up to 260 degrees celsius temperature control. It is meant to be perfect for baking good cakes, pizzas, and grilling items.

After that, you also get shade control & light buttons which also come very useful as you get into daily usage with this oven. It is available in two silver & white color options. 

However, most of the people prefer choosing the silver one as it is easy to clean and doesn’t attract dirt easily. The most important thing is that the light infrared technology of this oven makes it way faster than any OTG or convection oven available in the market.

If you are looking for the best oven for baking for shops, this is the value for money and the perfect deal for you. It is a bit costly as compared to other ovens, but trust me, it is worth its price.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Warranty – No

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1300 watts

6. Morphy Richards 52 L OTG - Best Oven for Baking for Shops

Morphy Richards 52 L OTG is another most recommended baking oven for shop owners

Best OTG Oven for Baking Cakes in India 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This Morphy Richards 52 L OTG is another competition for the above Panasonic FlashXpress we talked about. It also counts under the best oven for baking in India 2021.

It doesn’t really look great like other ovens. It is another simple-looking oven like that Panasonic FlashXpress but it does perfect work for professionals. 

If you are looking for a powerful OTG oven for baking then this is another perfect choice from our list. Here you get three options too, 40 Litre, 52 Litre & as above to 60 Litre as well.

We have already talked about their 60 L variant in our best otg oven guide. You may go with the one which suits best for your requirements.

This OTG Oven can easily serve 7-8 people at a time. Talking about its capabilities, it can fulfill all your requirements you need inside an oven.

From normal household cooking to professional grilling and baking, it can do all of them and serve the best performance. It is a bit complicated appliance, you may need a little practice with this oven to get comfortable using it.

There are three jog dials which you can use to control temperature, function and the timer of the oven. With 2000 watts powerful consumption, it can easily bake your cakes in very little time.

You get all important elements with this oven like a crumb tray, baking tray, rotisserie rod, tongs, rotisserie tongs, & all other essentials. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

Just in case if it causes you problems as you’re going to use it daily in your shop, you can avail the benefits of their excellent service under the warranty period.

Honestly speaking, both Panasonic & this Morphy Richard 52 L are the best ovens for baking in India in 2021. You can go with the one you think might fulfill your needs.

But if you ask us, we recommend Morphy Richard 52 L oven as it’s much affordable, efficient working & comes with a 2-year warranty. Whereas Panasonic has not mentioned any warranty.

But you can expect no issues with Panasonic appliances during your first couple of years. But precautions are always better than cure. You can choose Morphy Richard 52 L as it’s a value for money deal in that case.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 52 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 2000 watts

7. Bajaj 16 L OTG - Best Affordable Oven for Baking

Bajaj 16 L OTG is a good option who need basic baking for their home use

This is Bajaj's Best OTG Oven in India 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This Bajaj 16 L OTG is a good choice for small families who need a baking oven. It is not as powerful as the other top notch baking ovens. But it can surely do a good job for your basic home needs like preparing cakes, pizzas, burgers, etc.

The 16 L capacity is fairly enough for just 4 people at a time. It comes with a 2 year warranty and it runs on 1200 watts. This is a good sign in this oven, as it is much faster in cooking as compared to other baking ovens in the same price bracket.

It comes with rotisserie, timer, auto-shut down and a lot other features.

You also get basic equipment like tray, tongs & skewer rods. It comes in two different colours, white & grey. From both of which white one looks more classy and as well as sells the most. Also, the white model is a bit cheaper than the silver/grey model.

You should go with this oven if you are looking for the best oven for baking for home. It is definitely a good deal still in the year 2021.

Quick Recap

Type – OTG Oven

Capacity – 16 Litres

Warranty – 2 Years

Special Feature – Rotisserie

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

8. Samsung 21 L Convection Oven - Best Baking Oven

The Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave is the best baking oven in India for homes

best microwave oven for home use in 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This Samsung 21 L model is one of the easily affordable and best ovens for baking in India. It is a convection type of oven and under its price range, there’s no other oven that can beat it in terms of baking.  We also listed this device in our convection microwave ovens review guide.

The Samsung 21 L convection microwave oven runs on 1200 watts which is powerful enough to make your overall cooking, grilling, baking experience faster.

It has all of the latest advanced technologies like child lock, keep warm, timer & 60 pre-installed auto-cooking recipes. 

The main thing about it is that no other convection oven comes with a good temperature range. Here this Samsung 21 L convection oven goes up to 250 degrees celsius. For baking you need at above 200 degrees and it easily fulfills it.

Also, it comes up with a 1 year product, 5 year magnetron and 10 year ceramic cavity warranty.

That is the reason why it is the best convection oven for baking in India under 10000. Prices always vary for the product, but you can go for this product if you need a baking oven for home. It is really a good, efficient and affordable oven for baking in India in 2021.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 21 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (5+10)

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

9. Samsung 28 L Convection Oven

This Samsung 28 L oven is a good upgrade to their 21 L convection oven

Samsung 28L is the best convection microwave oven in india 2021

Total Score

Product Review

In case 21 L capacity is not enough for your family size, here is this upgraded 28 L model with some more upgraded features.

The upgrade starts from the design and overall looks itself, here this 28 L Samsung oven looks really classy & will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

It has all the features which their 21 L convection oven has. It has a keep warm, child lock, combi-technology, power defrost and much more.

But here it can get heated more quickly and give you much faster experience.

It can easily cook your favorite recipes at one click by using it’s advanced Indian recipe auto-cooking feature. But you can also take care of it manually if you want to do so.

So prefer going with this Samsung 28 L convection oven, if you have the budget. Remember, there is no starter kit given with both of these products.

But these are the best available options in terms of quality, servicing, and pricing. If you can purchase this oven, you can easily invest in a good starter kit for an affordable price. That should not be a major concern.

Overall, it is just an upgraded same version with a good look and few extra features. There is no major price gap in between both of these models. To read a complete and detailed review of this oven, click here.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 28 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (5+10)

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 2900 watts

10. IFB 30 L Convection Oven - Best Seller

The IFB 30BRC2 is the best convection oven for baking in India, read why


Total Score

Product Review

The IFB 30 L Convection Oven is a suitable choice for home users who are looking for a best oven for baking for home uses. It is the most selling convection oven too in itself.

Majority of people purchase this oven for home use, and it is considered as the best oven in India. Here are a couple of reasons why it’s so popular and always in demand in India.

It has over 101+ auto-cook menus to cook different recipes at one click. From features like weight defrost, auto-reheating, steam clean to even multi-stage cooking. It lets you enjoy so many endless benefits. 

It is a very easy to use oven, you can easily learn it with perfection on your very first day using it. You can try any baking recipe or cooking recipe to try out and understand the functions of this oven. 

Also, it has all the basic convection oven features like child lock & timer. But here you get tons of different buttons designed for specific functions like combination technology, multi-stage cooking, keep warm, expert cooking, etc.

It comes with a 1 year device warranty and 3 year cavity + magnetron. It is a touch oven which is very easy to clean from both inside and outside. Also, the cooking experience on this oven is very fast because of its high power consumption.

Talking about baking, it can easily bake you regular pizzas and cakes at your home. During this corona period, it is not really safe to order and eat these things outside. 

You can try out all your needs and favorite recipes with this oven easily. It is not going to regret you for sure. Yes, it is also the best convection oven for baking in India 2021.

Here is our complete review of IFB 30BRC2. Or you can watch this amazing video to better know about it.

Before you compare it with another variant IFB 30FRC2, here is the detailed comparison between 30BRC2 and 30FRC2.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 30 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (3+3)

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 2200 watts

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Baking Oven

A must read buying guide before buying a baking oven in India

I know you are already confident enough to choose the best oven for baking from our list. But hey wait a little bit more, there are a few technical details you must consider looking at while purchasing a baking oven. Let’s go quickly at all of these.


You must know how much capacity you need in your oven. If you are a family, how many members there are in total. If you are a shop owner, you just can’t settle with a low capacity oven. These are the capacity and family size which fits the best.

  • 15 L : 2 to 3 Members
  • 15-30 L : 4 to 5 Members
  • 30-60 L : 8-10 Members

Just remember this formula before choosing the right capacity. Obviously if you have a good budget, you can just go with a large capacity baking oven. But if you are a small family, still you need to consider this always in mind.

Also, if you need a baking oven for a shop, just prefer going with a good large capacity oven. It will be really helpful as your customers won’t have to wait long to get their dishes served one by one.

Extra Features

In this list of top 10 baking ovens in India, we have listed both OTGs and Convection Ovens too. Both of these types of ovens are considered the best when it comes to baking.

But they have their own benefits. OTG ovens are professional baking ovens that are used by chefs and big restaurants too. Convection ovens are made for homes mostly, as they are easy to use.

A lot of convection ovens come with good extra smart features like Child Lock, Keep Warm, Auto-Cooking Recipes, etc. But in OTGs, as they are cheaper in price, you only get manual controls.

But still you must look for features like grilling, rotisserie, and good power in OTG ovens too. These extra features help a lot in the kitchen.


Always remember you have to stay under your budget. The price you are going to pay must be worth it. If you choose any product from this list or any of our other recommended products. You’ll always get a value for money deal.

So budget & price affects a lot your buying choice. However, you should not consider it as the important factor while buying your baking oven. It’ll not be a good deal if you buy a cheap oven for baking and it can’t really bake well.

So if you can get a good deal just by increasing a bit of your budget, don’t think ahead. Just go for it. Whether you need an OTG for a shop or a convection oven for your home. It must fulfill your needs with the price you are going to pay.

The FAQ Section

Here we have answers to all your queries about best oven for baking in India

  1. Which is the best commercial oven for baking cakes?

OTG ovens are the king when it comes to baking. From cakes to cookies you can do all of that. If you are looking for the best commercial oven for baking cakes specially. You can consider purchasing a large capacity oven like the Morphy Richards 52 L OTG. It also has a 60 L model, you can look over that too depending on your requirements.

  1. Which is the best convection oven for baking for home?

There are a lot of options for good baking ovens for home. If you need a small size oven, you may go with the Samsung 21 L Convection Oven. If we increase the capacity, you can choose then the Samsung 28 L Convection or IFB 30 L Convection Oven

  1. Which is the best OTG Oven in India?

Most of the products in this list were OTGs. But if you still need clarification, you may read our full guide on the best OTG ovens in India.

  1. Are convection ovens better than OTGs as they are costly in the price?

There are two answers to this question. Yes and no both. If you want an easier to use oven which must have all the latest functions and special features. Then yes convection ovens are better. But when it comes to professionalism and baking, OTGs are the king of the ovens. Yes, especially in baking.

  1. Are these all the best baking oven in India?

There are a lot of options available in the market. But we have done a huge research to sort out the best out of them and list here the best oven for baking in 2021. You can trust us, read here why you must trust us.


Wrapping up this discussion here with a little more talks

Baked cakes, cookies, pizzas & grilled burgers, all of these are the first love of everyone. We were getting a lot of requests to publish this guide and our reviews on the best oven for baking.

Honestly, all of these products are the best rated products from the customers themselves. You must select any of the products from this list.

We recommend going with Panasonic FlashXpress, Morphy Richard 52 L, or the Black & Decker Oven if you need a large one for the shop.

However if you are just looking for a basic baking oven, you can go with our most cheapest and affordable recommendations, Inalsa Masterchef 16 L OTG. For medium sized families, you can select an oven like the Samsung 21 L or IFB 30 L Convection.

So now you know A to Z about the best oven for baking in India 2021. Was this guide helpful? Tell us in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for our more upcoming future posts. 

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