12 Best Convection Microwave Oven in India (2022) – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is a very strong misconception that only rich homes have the best convection microwave oven in India 2022. A convection microwave oven is a very common kitchen appliance that you can find in any foreign country.

But in India, it is still treated as a luxurious item. But as the technology is growing, there are plenty of best convection microwave oven 2022 available on a very comfortable price note that every kitchen can afford.

Nowadays in India, people have started realizing that a microwave oven is a must-have kitchen appliance just like a Mixer Grinder.

Every girl out there in a Kitchen needs a microwave oven to cook and try new recipes. If you’re a housewife reading this article, you can relate to it.

People think that only non-veg items like Chicken or grilled items are cooked with an oven. But the truth is there are numerous vegetarian recipes that a person can try at home with a good convection microwave oven.

Also, if you’re a husband reading this, make sure you stick with me till the end because here I’m going to list you out with the best convection microwave oven 2022 that you can gift your wife.

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If you have time to read the complete guide, make sure you don’t miss our buying guide at the end of the article. Also, I recommend you to read our FAQ Section at the bottom of the article before making your final decision.

Top 12 Budget-Friendly Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India

Detailed guide on the best convection microwave ovens in India

Read the detailed guide on the best convection microwave ovens in India in 2021.

Before we dig deep into the features and the list of microwave ovens. You should know what are the various top & best brand options available in India that we personally suggest going with.

Here is the list of all our suggested top & best convection microwave oven brands in India.

  • Life’s Good
  • IFB
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Haier
  • Morphy Richards

The counting is endless, but these are the top brands in India but we are going to discuss the best of them in this comprehensive guide.

These are very well known brands that you might be already familiar with. This list is enough for you to know the top convection oven sellers in India.

Now let’s move ahead and check out their different products.


A convection microwave oven can be considered as the all-rounder microwave oven that you can purchase. It is an all-in-one purchase with multiple uses.

You can skip to our buying guide to read about different types of microwave ovens, their working technologies, and their uses.

There are solo and grill microwave ovens too that work upon the same microwave heating technology as the convection. They cost a lot cheaper but have their limits too.

As convection ovens are the best types of ovens, and you can do everything from baking to grilling with them. So we are going to discuss only the best convection microwave ovens in India in this article.

Here are the Top 12 Budget-Friendly Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India in 2022.

1. IFB 30BRC230 L2200 Watts
2. Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL28 L2900 Watts
3. LG MC3286BRUM32 L2500 Watts
4. IFB 23BC423 L1850 Watts
5. Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL21 L800 Watts
6. IFB 20SC220 L1200 Watts
7. IFB 25SC425 L2000 Watts
8. IFB 30FRC230 L2200 Watts
9. BPLMW20C1G20 L800 Watts
10. IFB 20BC420 L2000 Watts

12 Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India in 2022

Here are the detailed reviews & specifications of all these ovens

Product Capacity Link
1. IFB 30BRC2
30 L
2. Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL
28 L
3. LG MC3286BRUM
32 L
4. IFB 23BC4
23 L
5. Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL
21 L
6. IFB 20SC2
20 L
7. IFB 25SC4
25 L
8. IFB 30FRC2
30 L
20 L
10. IFB 20BC4
20 L
11. LG MC2846BG
28 L
12. LG MJ2886BWUM
28 L

1. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2)

First product in our list. Read why it is one of the best convection microwave ovens


Total Score

Product Review

IFB is one of the best convection microwave oven brands in India. This IFB 30L 30BRC2 itself is one of the most selling ovens in India.

This amazing oven is built of stainless steel and has a capacity of 30 Litres. It can be used for multi-purposes like heating food, baking & also grilling. It comes with rotisserie convection that grills really tasty kebabs, tikkas & chicken items.

The IFB 30BRC2 is a great choice for most of the home kitchens because it has over 101+ programmed auto-cooking options.

You just need to press a button and the oven does all of the work itself.

It is very easy to use and comes with a touch-pad. Don’t worry it’s built of material that does not catch dust easily and is very easy to clean.

It also comes with a child lock feature that you can manually turn on or off if you have a small child in your home.

The auto and programmed cooking feature of this oven is so amazing that I can’t express it. It’s so helpful.

There are times when you can’t sit in front of the oven all the time. Imagine you have some guests at home all of a sudden and you need to heat or cook something. You can use this auto mode option to reheat food or to cook something easily.

Also, it comes with a starter kit, so it will be easier for you to give some time and learn to use this oven easily.

Yes, it is probably one of the best microwave ovens in 2022 in India and definitely worth its price. If this IFB model excites you a bit, then check our detailed review of IFB 30BRC2. Also, here’s a quick unboxing video of this model.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 30 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (3 Year Magnetron)

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 2200 watts

2. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL)

This Samsung Microwave Oven stood second in this guide, check out why

Samsung 28L is the best convection microwave oven in india 2021

Total Score

Product Review

Samsung is another popular home appliance brand in India. From refrigerators, washing machines to microwave ovens. They have their loving audience who trusts them. 

In the case of microwave ovens too, you can go with this amazing product Samsung 28 L CE1041DSB2. This can be the perfect choice for you as well. Here’s why.

The Samsung CE1041DSB2 comes with 28 L capacity which is sufficient for kitchens with a large family. As it is a convection oven, it also is a multi-purpose device that you can use to cook, grill, bake, and heat.

It also comes with pre-programmed auto-cook menu options that you can try to cook recipes. Let’s suppose you’re cooking chicken.

You might think it may overcook or half-cook your meat. But trust me, this technology and AI has so developed that it does all the work automatically.

Once it is finished auto-cooking, try the dish, you’ll never feel it is over or half. Most of the time, the dish comes out perfect, juicy, and crispy. It is ready to be served.

This is a simple looking oven but still feels so classy and good looking in the kitchen. However, Samsung does not provide a Starter Kit with this product.

But that cannot be a reason to say ‘No’ to buy this product. This is an amazing choice, easy to use, a lot of auto-cooking options, a touchpad, and what no more?

If one can afford this amazing oven, I think they can invest in starter kit utensils as well. Trust me, this is a value for money product and you can go for it. In case you need more info, just check out our detailed review of Samsung CE1041DSB2.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 28 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (5+10)

Special Feature – Touch Pad

Power Consumption – 2900 watts

3. LG 32 L & 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM & MC2886BRUM)

LG ranked out third in our best microwave ovens in India list, read why

LG MC3286BRUM Review. Read why this LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven is a best choice for you.

Total Score

Product Review

Life’s Good (LG) is another popular home appliances brand in India. They have a variety of amazing devices that are loved by Indian Consumers.

This LG MC3286BRUM is a great product, in fact, the best convection microwave oven in India in 2022 from all their other ovens. It has a large capacity of 32 Litres or 28 Litres which is a great advantage for large family homes.

Again, this convection oven can be used to bake, heat, defrost, and grill as well. But this does not come up with a touch-pad.

This oven works on a tactile button system that looks as beautiful as it works. They aren’t touch-pads but work so smoothly if you press gently.

It does not feel like you’re pressing them, however in actual you are. I hope you got what I’m trying to convey.

This LG 32 L oven is programmed with over 211 Indian Recipes and 300+ Auto Cook options. Whereas the LG 28 L oven has over 251 programmed recipes with 175 Indian recipes. It has quick heat and defrosts features to serve food faster.

The inside is made of strong stainless steel and it also comes with a starter kit.

It includes all essential utensils like a Tawa pan, 2 Microwave oven compatible plastic containers, 2 grill stands, a pasteurization container, a rotisserie rod, etc.

A cookbook with tons of different veg and non-veg recipes is also gifted to you with this best convection microwave oven in India.

This powerful microwave oven ranked third here on our buying guide list of the best convection microwave oven 2022 because of its amazing specifications under its price range.

LG has a very strong trust hold with Indian consumers, you can go for this product. If you want a larger space, LG 32 Litres oven will be a good choice else you can go with the 28 Litres variant too. Here is a detailed review of LG MC3286BRUM. Watch the video below to have much more understanding of this appliance.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 32/28 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – 200+ Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 2500 watts

4. IFB 23 L & 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4 & 25BC4)

Another IFB Oven in the list, IFB is amazing at convection microwave ovens in 2022

ifb 23bc4

Total Score

Product Review

The IFB 23 L 23BC4 is the one-to-go choice for small family kitchens. This is IFB’s second product listed here in this amazing best convection microwave oven buying guide. 

And still, there are more IFB products featured ahead in the guide. I hope it is very clear to you. If not, let me make it to you.

IFB is the top leading brand in kitchen appliances. Talking about microwave ovens, whether you talk about best convection microwave ovens or solo & grill ovens.

They have a large variety of products available in each category. Also, most of their ovens are value for money. To give you more in-depth knowledge about them, we are here.

The IFB 23BC4 comes with 23 Litres capacity and a 25 Litres capacity variant. It is enough as it’s for those people with 3-4 persons in the family. But still, if you have guests, you can expect it to cook more food to serve them as well.

It comes with the starter kit and has over 71+ programmed cooking options. But 100+ auto-cooking options in the 25 Litre oven. In comparison to the other 23 Litre Convection Microwave Ovens, this is still the best possible option.

It works on a sensitive touch-pad that is easy to function and use. IFB says that you can use this oven for baking, heating & grilling. But the truth is you can’t bake items with it.

If you’re a professional, you might know it takes above 250 degrees to bake pizzas and other stuff. But it does not go above 200 degrees celsius.

Another thing to note is that do not expect much with the starter kit that comes with this oven. Many users face problems like the containers meltdown, etc. Instead, you can buy any good kit utensils to use this oven.

But still, for general uses like re-heating & grilling, this product can be a perfect choice. The floral design looks so beautiful that it raises the look of the whole kitchen.

It is a value for money deal and definitely is a best convection microwave oven in India 2022. To have a more clarity around this model, read our detailed review of IFB 23BC4.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 23/25 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Steam Clean

Microwave Power – 1400 watts

Convection Power – 1850 watts

Grill Power – 950 watts

5. Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE73JD-B/XTL, Black) - BEST SELLER

Samsung 21 L Convection oven is the most selling product in the market

best microwave oven for home use in 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This is Samsung’s second product in our listing just after IFB’s 23 L Microwave Oven. Yes, you got it right. Both of these are competing products in the market.

Samsung 21 L CE73JD-B/XTL Convection Microwave Oven is a good choice for small family homes. It looks good in a small kitchen. If you don’t have much space in your kitchen room, this will still fit in it and look classy as well.

It has a 21 Litre capacity and just 60 auto-cooking menus, perfect for small families.

This oven comes with a strict no starter kit. So you’ll have to get that yourself. Don’t worry we are here to recommend you those items as well.

It works on a sensitive touchpad which is very easy to learn. Yes, the child lock is there to ensure none of your kids can spoil the cooking food inside the oven.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 21 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (5+10)

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking

Power Consumption – 800 watts

Comparing IFB 23BC4 vs Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL

Under the same price range, these are the best convection ovens, let’s compare both of them

Product Comparison

Now the question surfing in your mind might be like. Hey wait, what product should I choose then? So let me make it more clear for you to choose the best one for yourself.

This Samsung 21 L CE73JD-B/XTL is made of the ceramic cabin. Whereas IFB 23 L 23BC4 comes with a stainless steel cabin. Samsung claims that this product runs on very low electricity consumption.

But the main thing to note is that ceramic cabins consume more power/ electricity than stainless steel. Hence, Samsung’s device will consume more power than the IFB’s 23 Litre convection oven.

But, Samsung 21 L convection oven can do a lot more than IFB’s oven. It can do things like defrost, cooking, reheating. But it can bake amazing cakes & pizzas as well.

A lot of users blame IFB’S 23 L 23BC4 on not being good at baking as it can go up to just 200 degrees. As we told you earlier, for baking, it needs more than that. Here Samsung’s 21 L beats the IFB 23 L convection microwave oven.

IFB provides you with a starter kit but it ain’t so good inbuilt. Trust me, it’s better if they don’t even provide you because you’ll still have to invest in a good kit. On the other hand, Samsung does not provide a starter kit with this product. So you got it right?

Yes, you can go with Samsung 21 L CE73JD-B/XTL if electricity consumption is not big revenge. It is the best convection microwave oven in India 2021 among its competitors. It will bake you amazing pizzas and cakes at home. Yes, you can go for it if you have a small shop as well.

6. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver) - BEST SELLER

IFB 20 L Convection Oven is one of the most selling oven by IFB

best convection oven for home use 2021

Total Score

Product Review

This is the third IFB Microwave Oven in this list and still, there are more from IFB left out. You might start thinking I am a guy writing from IFB’s team. Haha, just kidding, trust me I’m not.

It is because IFB has a huge variety of best convection microwave ovens in India and globally as well. They lead the kitchen appliance industry. I’m not being biased but writing truth and best recommendations from my 5+ years of using a variety of ovens.

This IFB 20 L 20SC2 convection microwave oven is a hot selling product in the industry. It has 20 Litre capacity, sufficient for small homes. But it is widely popular amongst youngsters living away from their family alone pursuing their higher studies.

This product is not good for baking cakes & pizzas. A lot of time you’ll end up having not properly stuffed, over-cooked or half baked cakes. But it is one to-go choice for just cooking, heating & other normal usages.

It has just 24 auto-cooking options so not much high technology product. But it comes with a touch-pad and the company provides a starter kit with it as well.

If not baking, you might think you can grill well using this oven, still, you’re wrong. Even the grill is uncovered it might touch your hand while using it.

At a glance, this IFB 20 L 20SC2 is just for those people who regularly need to reheat food or to heat and cook normal items. Don’t expect to work professionally using this oven. 

If you need good bakes & grills, it’ll be better to choose any other product from this best convection microwave ovens in India list.

We recommend going with either Samsung 21 L CE73JD-B/XTL, Samsung 28 L CE1041DSB2 or IFB 30L 30BRC2 if you want to stick with IFB. But still, it is the hottest selling product and best convection oven in India for home use in 2022.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 20 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking, Touchpad

Power Consumption – 1200 watts

7. IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25SC3 & 25SC4)

Under 25 Litre capacity ovens, these both are the best options

Product Review

Under 25 Litre capacity, a microwave oven for a small family with 4-5 members, these two IFB 25 L 25SC3 & IFB 25 L 25SC4 can be a good choice.

Both of these microwave ovens are convection type of ovens which you can use as micro, convection and grill as well. These ovens come with just 26 auto cooking options to choose from, good for small families.

The inside cavity is made up of stainless steel and works on a solid touch panel membrane. There’s not much difference in the price range between both of these products.

Both are very similar with little tweaks in the latest model. Yes, if you plan to buy a 25 Litre convection type of oven, you can go with the upgraded IFB 25 L 25SC4 model.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 25 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Auto-Cooking, Touchpad

Microwave Power – 1400 watts

Convection Power – 2000/1950 watts

8. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30FRC2, Floral Pattern)

IFB 30 L 30FRC2 is a good looking convection oven with floral design

1 .0

Total Score

Product Review

IFB 30FRC2 is a 30 Litre capacity convection microwave oven with more than a hundred programmed cooking recipes. It also has a rotating grill to cook delicious kebabs and non-veg recipes. 

It is yet another high demanding product by IFB in the 30 Litre category. From convection and rotisserie to grill and heating, it is a good functioning oven for all its uses.

IFB 30FRC2 has a clean floral design and it comes in black color. This combination just looks wonderful. It also has hundreds of auto-menus and touch panels for functioning. Yes, it is a highly recommended microwave oven in the 30 Litre category.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 30 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Floral Pattern

Microwave Power – 1400 watts

Convection Power – 2200 watts

Grill Power – 1250 watts

Comparing IFB 30BRC2 vs IFB 30FRC2

Here is the answer to a big question. Let’s compare both of these top ovens

Product Comparison

Let’s not waste so much time studying the same product again and again. This IFB 30FRC2 Convection Microwave Oven is just an upgraded version of IFB 30BRC2 that we talked about in the very beginning.

IFB 30BRC2 is the most recommended convection microwave oven in 2021. But if you want a bit more beautiful oven with all the features and options like that. You can go with this IFB 30FRC2.

IFB 30BRC2 was the most loved product by people. So IFB decided to upgrade that microwave oven with a better-technology product with a beautiful look.

It just costs a few bucks more and comes with more optimized features. The main thing which makes it different from IFB 30BRC2 is its floral pattern design.

It will look so clean and beautiful inside your beautiful kitchen. If you were planning to buy IFB 30BRC2 after reading this article, you can switch your mind to IFB 30FRC2 if you have a bit more to invest in a good-looking design.

Now if it’s still confusing for you to either go with the IFB 30BRC2 or this 30FRC2 Model. We have compared both the models, check out our detailed post about the difference between IFB 30BRC2 and 30FRC2.

9. BPL 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (BPLMW20C1G)

BPL is an Indian company, going with this is an initiative to ‘Make in India’

best microwave oven under 10000 in 2021

Total Score

Product Review

BPL 20 L convection microwave oven is another brilliant option for small kitchen homes and couples. If you are just a newly married couple and need a microwave oven, this can be a very good choice.

BPLMW20C1G is a 20 Litre microwave oven and one of the best convection microwave ovens in India. BPL is an Indian company which is trusted by many.

Being India’s own company, they have produced this amazing microwave oven. If you go for it, you’ll get a value for money product and as well as support the ‘Make in India’ Initiative.

It also comes with the high demanding touch-panel that is very functional and easy to use. But it is not touch-sensitive, you’ll have to press a bit to command it.

There is no rotisserie so it’s not really for non-veg kebabs, chicken, etc. Also, there is no starter kit provided by the company.

If just compared to other 20 Litre convection microwave ovens, BPL can stand strong against them and make you confused on what to choose. But again, don’t expect it to bake good, under this range, baking is not that good.

By saying not good baking, I mean you can’t do professional work for a shop. But it can be used for normal home usage. It is one of the best convection oven in 2022.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 20 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (1 Year Magnetron)

Special Feature – Touchpad

Power Consumption – 800 watts

10. IFB 20BC4 20-Litre Convection Microwave Oven - Recommended

Under 20 L capacity ovens, IFB 20BC4 is the best option, it is also our recommendation in 20 Litre

best convection microwave ovens 2021

Total Score

Product Review

IFB 20BC4 20-Litre model is yet another price worthy microwave oven under the 20-Litre category. Though it has just a 20 Litre capacity, still it is a most loved product. 

It has over 70 auto-cook menus and recipes. The inside is made of as usual stainless steel. It also has a LED display with a timer.

The company provides a starter kit with this convection microwave oven which includes a measuring tumbler, 2 idli stands, a roti crisper, a square cook and serve with lid, etc.

Again, as it is under the 20 Litre category, it does not bake well.

But still it is loved by people because under its price range it is the best oven as it does provide you with a starter kit and over 70 auto cooking recipes. Other ovens in this range do not provide so many auto cooking options.

So if you’re looking for a good convection microwave oven that does all the work perfectly. You should go with the top listed products in our 30 Litre category like IFB 30BRC2, IFB 30FRC2, or LG MC3286BRUM.

The only oven which is a good baking oven as well around 20 Litre storage is Samsung 21 L CE73JD-B/XTL Convection Microwave Oven.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 20 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year (1 Year Magnetron)

Special Feature – Touchpad, Autocook

Microwave Power – 1200 watts

Convection Power – 2000 watts

Grill Power – 1250 watts

11. LG MC2846BG 28-Litre Convection Microwave Oven - Best Sellers

Looking for a 28L capacity model? this is the best sellers in the market

LG MC2846BG BEST lg convection microwave oven

Total Score

Product Review

LG MC2846BG is considered to be the best models available in the market under 28 L section. If you don’t want to go high up to 32L models neither you want to stay under 20L section, 28L is a good fit for most of the consumers.

The reason why it has got so popular is because of it’s features it provides at such an affordable cost. Trust me, for it’s price this is a complete value for money investment.

It has all the fancy features that you see in every high-end convection microwave like auto-cook menus (including Indian recipes), combination mode, child lock, touch panel, etc.

Talking about the cooking capabilities of this device, you can perform almost any action that you want with this model. Whether you want to do baking, grilling, frying, or anything. You can easily do everything that you expect from an oven on this model.

The quartz heater protects you from the hot surface that indicates brand has focused upon user safety a lot. Also, one important thing that you must know is that it’s made in India.

Overall, for people looking for an oven as a day-to-day cooking partner, this LG 28L convection microwave oven is definitely a good option in the market till now. 

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 28 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Quartz Heater

Power Consumption – 1950 watts

12. LG MJ2886BWUM 28 L Charcoal Convection Oven

Heard about the very popular LG charcoal microwave ovens?

lg 28 l charcoal convection oven

Total Score

Product Review

LG MJ2886BWUM is one of the best LG charcoal microwave ovens in India. If you have heard of the very popular LG charcoal convection oven series, this is the top-notch model under that.

It is a 28 Litre model that comes along with a bunch of useful features. From 270+ auto-cooking recipes to Roti-basket & 1-minute ghee feature, this oven has a lot of advantages for an Indian kitchen.

The main USP of this oven is it’s charcoal heating mechanism. Unlike other models, this isn’t just another convection microwave oven.

Instead, it has it’s own charcoal heating mechanism technology that makes the food a bit more crispier like the way you get to eat the food cooked in a Tandoor.

If you love enjoying Tandoori Rotis, you can do that sitting at your home now with the help of it’s Tandoor Roti making feature that works along upon the charcoal heating technology.

At the end, the overall design of this oven makes it more unique and that’s one of the major reasons why people prefer the new LG MJ2886BWUM model instead of the old charcoal model MJ2886BFUM. Basically, this floral pattern model is just an upgraded variant of the old MJ2886BFUM.

If you need a detailed comparison guide on both of these charcoal microwave ovens, we highly recommend you to go through our this guide on best LG charcoal microwave ovens.

Quick Recap

Type – Convection Oven

Capacity – 28 Litres

Warranty – 1 Year

Special Feature – Charcoal Technology

Microwave Consumption – 900 watts

Comparing BPLMW20C1G 20-L vs IFB 20BC4 20-L

Now under 20 L capacity, let’s compare both of these top convection microwave ovens in 2021

BPL 20 Litre Oven
IFB 20 Litre Oven
Product Comparison

Let’s compare both of these products thoroughly and let’s see who’s the winner and your perfect choice.

Both of these are the best convection microwave ovens in India 2021 under 20 Litre capacity. Here are the main differences between both of them. It’ll make you choose the correct one from them.

BPL does not provide a starter kit with this product whereas IFB does. IFB 20BC4 20-L auto cook feature works more precisely as compared to BPL MW20C1G 20-L.

The starter kit in IFB has a variety of products included but BPL does not provide any.

Else, there are not many differences but if you’re still confused between both of these. Let us help you, you can go with IFB 20BC4 20-L. It is a better choice as compared to BPL MW20C1G.

Also, you can take a look at the IFB 20-L 20SC2, it is one of the most selling ovens by IFB under 20 Litre Capacity. But it has just 24 auto-cook options.

If you still want better than IFB 20-L 20BC4, then the highly recommended oven under this category is the Samsung 21-L CE73JD-B/XTL. That is affordable and as well as the best convection microwave oven in India in 2021.

We hope it’s clear now and help you. If you still have queries left, comment down below. You’ll get your queries answered very soon.

A Must Read Convection Microwave Oven Buying Guide

This is a must read comprehensive guide before buying a microwave oven

A microwave oven is no longer a luxury for a kitchen. Instead, it is a need in every kitchen. Every woman inside the kitchen needs a microwave oven to cook you delicious recipes & for a lot of other stuff.

Just imagine, your wife isn’t home and you feed yourself by ordering online. A lot of time the food gets cold by the time it reaches you. It can save you a lot of time to reheat your ordered pizza, popcorns, and thawing home food.

Not just you, but your wife needs it the most every time she thinks to cook something better for you in the dinner but she can’t as she needs an oven for it.

Not just time, a good convection microwave can save you a lot of energy too. From heating water or milk to cooking delicious recipes, a microwave oven is a need for every kitchen.

So now you know how important a convection microwave oven is and you decided to finally invest in a good microwave oven. Now what? You’ll just walk inside your city mall and get yourself the one you see there first?

No, you don’t have to do that. Instead, never do that. Never buy a microwave oven offline, instead purchase it online.

There are so many benefits of purchasing a microwave oven online. Whereas, getting it offline can be a bad experience for you. Here are the reasons to do so.

Buying a Convection Microwave Oven: Online vs Offline

Never ever buy an oven from the offline market. Read why

Let’s talk about the problems you can face while buying a microwave oven from your nearest offline store.

For most of you, there’ll not be a big brand showroom near your home.

Let’s suppose you want to purchase a Samsung 28 L convection microwave oven. I guarantee there will not be a Samsung appliance showroom near your home.

The offline market works on various dealerships where shop owners retail the products and make their profit margins. Everybody wants to make money right?

The shop owners purchase the product from the brands or most of them even order the appliances online. Then they retail the oven to you by increasing a huge amount which they’ll try hard to hide from you.

You will never know you are paying extra bucks on it whereas you can purchase the same oven online at a cheaper price directly from the company.

They are a skilled seller and can sell you trash without you knowing about it. Not just it, most of these shop owners don’t have the latest models to show you.

Even those placed new looking ovens on the shelves are very old that they might be defective pieces. But as they know how to sell it, they will somehow sell it to you.

Trust me, don’t enter those shops, you’ll end up wasting money on a bad product which is too old in the model. But they will show you that it is the only best option in the world.

They don’t even have new sets of models. They are just clearing their old stocks and keeping their huge margins on it.

Even if you have a good showroom or you decide to go to a city mall. The ovens placed there are still a bit old. The newly upgraded ovens with better performance, affordable price and best working are mostly sold online.

Also, there is a price difference between online and offline stores. As companies also need to pay rents, salaries to employees, electricity bills and a lot more. So they have to take big margins. 

There are endless benefits of making an online purchase. If you think you can only get appliances on EMI’s offline. You’re wrong.

You can purchase any item like a convection microwave oven online on EMI. If you don’t like the product and wish to make a refund, you can return it.

If you have some ideas on the enhancement of the product, you can send feedback directly to the company. You get demos for your ovens where a guy directly from the company visits your home and explains to you about the settings and options of the microwave oven. 

You can also review and rate the product online. Good or bad, whatever you feel after using the product. You can do it to help other consumers like you to have a good purchase.

So why not online? Everything’s going online from purchasing underwear to your child’s studies. Everything is on the Internet. It is a good option to purchase an oven online instead of offline.

Here on The Oven Guide, we are a team of experienced chefs and even me one of them knows a lot about ovens and has experienced since the past 5 years. You can trust us. To know anything and everything about ovens, make sure to reach out to us.

Now I’m pretty sure you are going to buy your oven online. This was the first step to purchase the best microwave oven. As there are the latest models and reviews always updated to the Internet. 

But before that, you still need a lot of knowledge and research to find out and choose the best microwave oven in India with convection to purchase.

Don’t worry, we are experienced and have done comprehensive research to write down this guide and list out the best convection microwave oven in India 2022. So you just need to relax, read and choose any one of our recommended products.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Get information about the types of ovens available in the market

Technology has defined things so easily differentiating. There are multiple types of ovens that are made for the same purpose but still have some limitations in the basic ones.

As you go up to the advanced ones, the limitations vanish and you are unlocked with more features. This change occurs as you go up in the price brackets.

The more you invest from your pocket, the better type of microwave oven you can get.

Just like you have a keypad phone, then the smartphone, an advanced android phone. All of these are made for a single purpose like making phone calls.

But as we go up to advanced modern android phones. They can do a lot more than just calling. A modern Android device is no less than a computer.

You can do a lot of multiple things using it. Even now, most of you are reading this best microwave convection oven buying guide on an android or iOS device. 

This was not a perfect example, but I hope you got what I am trying to convey. So before buying an oven, you should know what you want to do with that oven.

Do you want to bake cakes, grill chicken, cook kebabs, etc? Once you know your requirements, then you have to look at what type of microwave oven can fulfil your needs.

A rough look on it is that convection microwave ovens are the best type of oven from all other categories. Let’s check out the different types of microwave ovens in India.

Now if we dig deep and look out closely. We can differentiate ovens based on technology and then on its type.

Firstly, let’s look at types of ovens in the market which are different in technologies and work on different principles.

An oven can be categorized into two categories. Microwave Oven and Conventional Oven.

What is a Microwave Oven?

A microwave oven is a type of oven which heats and cooks food using electromagnetic radiation called ‘Microwave’. A microwave isn’t just used inside ovens, it is a technology which is being used in a lot of other things like radars.

This type of oven just heats the food which is placed inside of the oven. The electromagnetic microwaves do not heat the space and air inside the container. It just cooks the food directly.

The oven creates this microwave using an element called ‘magnetron’. This is a component inside of a microwave oven.

Generally, in this type of oven, you can only control heat settings like defrost, high or very high. Solo microwave ovens and grill microwave ovens come under this category.

What is a Convection Oven?

A conventional or convection microwave oven is a type of oven which heats and cooks food using metal elements and current. They are just upgraded types of microwave ovens which can be used to do more than just heating and grilling. 

You can also set your desired temperature levels in this type of oven.

This type of oven penetrates heat throughout the container and then heats the food inside it. This means it also heats the space and air inside of it.

Almost all of the conventional or convection microwave ovens in India come with a fan to evenly distribute the heat formed inside the oven.

Instead of just defrosting, high and very high, here you have multiple levels of options to set your temperature levels as different foods need different temperatures to cook properly.

A convection microwave oven is the best type of oven and can do heating, grilling and as well as baking too. It can do things that a solo & grill oven can do but also baking which they cannot do.

Now you know the difference between a microwave oven and a conventional oven. But in today’s era, all these ovens are known to be microwave ovens.

But as if we look deep into the technology, the most popular ovens are conventional ovens which are not microwave ovens.

But just for a better sense, people call all of them the ‘microwave ovens’.

This was a bit of technical differentiation on different types of ovens. Now let’s look at the actual different types of microwave ovens in India. They are Solo, Grill and Convection Microwave Ovens.

Solo Microwave Ovens

A solo microwave oven is the most basic and entry-level type of oven that is available in the market. This type of oven is mainly used for purposes like heating, cooking and defrosting. 

You cannot use a solo microwave oven to grill or bake. But it is very cheap as compared to grill or convection microwave ovens. If you have these basic needs and a small family, a solo microwave oven can be a choice for you.

Grill Microwave Ovens

A grill microwave oven is a bit more enhanced than the solo. It can do what solo microwave ovens can do but it also eliminates the restriction of grilling.

As the name itself says, grill the microwave oven. It can be used for heating, cooking, defrosting but as well to grill items.

This type of oven is generally a medium budget appliance that you can choose if you need grill functionality as well. Here is our updated list of the best grill microwave oven in India.

Convection Microwave Ovens

Both of the above solo and grill ovens are a microwave type of oven. A convection oven is a combination of both microwave and as well as convection technology.

A convection microwave oven is the best type of oven from all others. It can do what a solo and grill microwave oven can do. But it can also be used for baking.

You can use a convection microwave oven to heat, cook, defrost, grill, and bake as well.

All the top listed products in this comprehensive best microwave ovens in India list are convection microwave ovens.

Generally, if you are investing in something. You must invest in a good product. If you can get a more amazing appliance with more unlocked functionalities at a higher price. You should go for it, as it is a one-time investment for years.

So that you don’t regret later as if you invested in a top convection oven, you could also bake pizzas and enjoy homemade cakes.

We will recommend you to get any of our recommended convection ovens from the list. We have done a lot of research to list out these top and best microwave ovens in India.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying an Oven

Wait, you still need some tips to buy the perfect oven for your kitchen

If you’re reading this guide till now, congrats you are one of few those who are going to get the best choice from all the available ovens in the market.

As of now, you already have gained a lot of information about ovens. But still while buying an oven, there are some things you have to take into consideration.

Just keep reading, you’ll be confident enough to choose the correct product for yourself. Here are a few tips on buying the best microwave oven in India with convection in 2022.

Budget & Requirements

This is the most important factor which can affect your buying choice. The first thing you have to look at before purchasing the microwave oven is your requirement.

If you just need an oven to reheat food, and normal purposes, you can go with any solo microwave oven. If you need cooking & grilling, you have to purchase a grill oven.

But if you need cooking, heating, grilling, and most importantly baking as well. Then you will have to invest in a good budget oven. All of the products listed in our guide are the best convection microwave ovens in India 2022. 

After you know your requirements, you need to look at your budget. Then under that budget list, look out for the best product option available around it.

We’ll highly recommend don’t expect that all the ovens, like low budget ovens and high budget ovens, serve the same. All I’ll suggest is it is a single-time investment for years. Why not go with the best convection microwave oven in India?

The requirement affects your budget which in result will affect which product you’re going to buy. So make sure you think all about it and then purchase any item from our recommended best ovens in India list.

Special Features & Functionalities

Modern microwave ovens always have some special and smart features. Just like a smartphone, the ovens these days are also becoming smart. 

There are a lot of new features & functions in the latest models of ovens as compared to old ones. You must look at how many smart features a brand is providing with its product.

The more smart features, the more will be the price of the product. That is why generally, the basic model of ovens does not have extra features.

But as you go up in the price bucket, you get a lot of different special functions.

Some of the main special features you should look for while buying the best convection microwave oven in India for home use are:

  • Timer – Isn’t it amazing if you have an option to set the timer after which the oven should turn off automatically? Just like you click pictures by using a timer if you don’t have someone to click your pictures. Most of the ovens come with this timer feature so that you can just set the time and do your other household works. It is a very useful feature.
  • Rotisserie – Are you a non-veg lover? Do you want to enjoy kebabs, delicious chickens at home? Rotisserie is a rotating rod in which you can skew your non-veg meals like chicken to cook it properly. It keeps rotating so that it cooks perfectly and evenly inside the oven. Some mid-range to high-range price ovens come with a rotisserie grill function. Having rotisserie in an oven can be a sign of the best convection microwave oven India.
  • Auto Cook/Defrost – Auto cooking and auto defrosting are the most two common features in an oven. We have been talking about it since the beginning of the article. You all know very well how important an auto cook option is. Also, auto defrosting for frozen food kept in refrigerators is a very useful feature. The advanced technology automatically does all of its work by sensing all the things itself.
  • Child Lock – Your child’s safety must be your number one priority. If you have a newborn baby or a toddler at your home. You must be very cautious about his/her safety. When the child lock is turned one, you can be assured of your child’s safety. As even if your child enters the kitchen near the oven and tries to open it or press random buttons, it won’t open and change anything. It is secured until you come back and turn off the child lock. Most of the ovens have this function.
  • Touch & Tactile Panels – Control Panel is the main element of an oven where you can change settings, set different temperatures and do different settings. Having an advanced touch panel with multiple functions is a plus. Yes, all of the modern ovens have a touch or tactile button control panel.
  • Pre-Heat & Warm – A keep warm feature allows your oven to maintain a warm environment temperature inside of the oven so that you can always serve warm, fresh and delicious food. Pre heat is also used in baking cakes & pizzas.

Family & Capacity

You might be probably wondering am I kidding or what, how can family affect your oven choice. But the type of family you have, how many members are there in your family.

Are you just couples living together? Do you have kids? The family size and how many members are there in total decides how much capacity your oven must-have.

Else, if you just buy an oven and later realize it cooks just for 4 persons at a time but you are 8 in total. It will cause a lot of trouble to your wife which in result will cause trouble for you (husband). 

So investing in the appropriate capacity of the microwave oven will save you a lot of time and effort. Also, it will give you the best services.

You can choose ovens from 20 Litre capacity to 30 Litre and go up more.

If I summarise it quickly, you can go with a 20 Litre capacity microwave oven if you have a family of 2-3 persons.

If you’re just a bachelor or a couple, you can also choose 15 Litre storage.

For a medium family-like 3 to 5 people, 20 to 30 Litre capacity oven is sufficient and considered good.

But if you have a large family of like 8 members or more, you need at least 30 Litre capacity inside your oven. 

For a joint family having a lot of members, you can go with a 40+ Litre capacity oven or just buy any two ovens in 20 to 30 Litre storage from our list.

I hope it is now crystal clear to you so you can decide what is the appropriate capacity for your family size. If you still have any questions, you can directly ask us in the comment section.

Price, Warranty & Specifications

You have thoroughly studied this guide from top to bottom, you already know about different specifications of an oven. But still, you must have a question in your mind. 

Is it worth it to purchase this oven with these specifications under this price range?

Question yourself, if it is really a value for money product then there is no issue. But if you have better options available under the same price bucket, you must be a bit more careful.

But that is not a problem, if you choose any product from our recommended list, you will have no issues. We have already done research, comparisons, and then listed these products under the basic and top range ovens.

Anytime, we’ll recommend purchasing Samsung, LG, and IFB Microwave Ovens. These are the best convection microwave ovens in India. These brands rule in kitchen appliances, especially in the oven industry.

Also, all of these companies provide you with the best warranty amongst other brands. You all know how reliable Samsung, LG & IFB appliances are. 

Whenever you face any problem, you can call the customer care service and have your issues solved very easily. Samsung is the number one brand in terms of appliance warranty.

The FAQ Section

In this section, we pick top asked questions by our users

  1. What type of microwave should I buy?

The convection microwave oven is the best choice always. Investing a good amount in a one-time appliance which is going to be used for years is not a waste. Instead, you may regret or choose to buy a new oven later if you don’t buy a good one now.

  1. How long should a microwave last?

It depends upon the usage, brand and type of oven. But generally, you can expect to have at least 7 to 10 years of the life span for your new oven.

  1. Which brand is best for microwaves?

LG, IFB & Samsung are the three best brand for convection microwave ovens in India.

  1. Which is the best microwave oven in India under 10000 in 2022?

Under a price bracket of 10000, there are not many good options available. But you can go with the IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2. If you have a bit more budget, you should read this guide on the best convection microwave oven under 15000.

  1. Is a microwave oven safe to cook food? Is it harmful to health in long term?

No, these all are myths which should be cleared out of your mind. Microwave oven-cooked food is safe to eat. It can cause no harm to your health. Microwave ovens consume less water to cook food, it is very beneficial for health.

  1. How much power a microwave oven consumes?

Generally, microwave oven consumes 600-1200 watts of power. Big capacity ovens like 42 Litre consume even more power than 1200-1500 watts. But consumption of power reduces the time required to cook proper food.

  1. Do convection microwave ovens generate high electricity bills?

Yes, as they consume 600-1800 watts of power. Using microwave ovens on a regular schedule may lead to high electricity bills. But if you can invest in an oven, we can assume, you can handle the electricity bills as well.

  1. Is it worth getting the microwave repaired?

Most of the ovens come in a good period warranty. If it can be replaced, consider replacing it with a new one using the warranty. But if you find the repair cost is too less, you can send it to repair as well.

  1. Can convection microwave ovens leak radiation?

Not much, the possibility for it is very low. But if it happens, you should contact your customer care. We will publish another detailed article about leaking radiation of an oven.

  1. Which is the best convection microwave oven in India in 2022?

All of the listed ovens above are the best convection microwave oven in India for home use. You can choose to go with IFB 30 L, LG 32 L, IFB 23 L & Samsung 21 L convection microwave ovens. For a detailed analysis, you can again read the top listed products section.


Wrapping up things here, congrats you are a pro oven buyer now

Let’s finally wrap things up. This was a detailed oven buying guide where we listed the best convection microwave oven in India. All of our listed products are the top products under those price ranges.

Purchasing an oven from our recommended list won’t regret you later. This was a detailed analysis of different models, brands of ovens in India. We even compared different same price range ovens and looked to get the best possible deal. Here are our final recommendations for you.

Final Recommendations

1. IFB 30BRC2: IFB 30BRC2 deserves to be the winner in the list of best convection microwave ovens in India. The price of this convection microwave oven is very suitable for most consumers. It is definitely the best suit for most of our Indian Kitchens. If you get confused between 30BRC2 & 30FRC2, here’s a detailed guide on IFB 30BRC2 vs 30FRC2.

2. Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL: For those who want to stick to Samsung, The Samsung CE1041DSB2/TL is the best selling convection microwave oven in India. Samsung has a really great customer support in all over India. Can’t ignore this model by Samsung, it’s one of the best convection microwave ovens till date.

3. LG MC3286BRUM: For those who want a premium choice, The LG 32 Litre convection microwave oven is still the best choice ever you can make. LG has a great after buying support. This LG 32 Litre model leads the list of best convection microwave ovens in India. Also, the LG charcoal microwave oven is also getting popular these days, here’s our review of the LG Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven.

For those who need the best budget pick, Samsung 21 L Convection oven comes to be the best affordable choice. These are our final recommendations for all the budget types.

We hope you got all your queries solved by reading this comprehensive oven buying guide. If you still have any queries left, we would love to help you.

Our team did a really in-depth research to create this list of best convection microwave ovens in India. If you think this needs some tweaks, let us know.

Feel free to go with any of our recommended products, these are the finest options available in the market till day. In case a new model comes, we’d definitely bring our review for the same. Also, this guide is frequently updated so you get the latest list of best convection microwave ovens.

Do you find this guide helpful on best convection microwave oven in India 2022? Let us know in the comments below. For more quality guides, subscribe to The Oven Guide!

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