IFB 30FRC2 Review: Is it really the Best IFB Microwave Oven?

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I know you’re planning to buy a microwave oven and you’re at the final stage of your buying journey to read an honest IFB 30FRC2 Review. Well, it’s a real value for money IFB model that gives you a lot of useful features.

If you are having questions like what are its specifications, what are the features inside this oven, is it really worth its price?  Keep reading, as this is a complete detailed review of the IFB 30FRC2 microwave oven.

IFB 30FRC2 Convection Microwave - Quick Overview

Wondering is it the best deal or not? Read this complete 30FRC2 Review


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IFB 30FRC2 Review

IFB has already offered a lot to our Indian consumers. Talking about microwave ovens, IFB leads here as well with their two top-selling models in India. IFB 30BRC2 and 30FRC2 are two of the best-selling convection microwave ovens in India.

The reason behind this is there is no other such brand that is providing these much of features under such low pricing. LG has a very popular selling microwave oven, LG MC3286BRUM. But that model costs a lot more.

Why IFB 30FRC2 is the Best-Sellers in India?

In around half of the cost of LG MC3286BRUM, IFB introduced the 30BRC2 convection microwave in the Indian market. Later it became the best seller under the microwave ovens category in India.

When it got really popular in the market, the only issue consumers complained about it was the design of this oven. It was quite a simple basic design but with all the necessary features that must have inside a microwave oven.

But then IFB listened to its people, they introduced a new model IFB 30FRC2 with all the features like in the IFB 30BRC2 microwave oven. But this time, the design of this microwave oven has become its USP in the market. It has a really beautiful floral pattern design at the front glass door.

Also, with all the necessary features in the same pricing, this model is a bit lighter in weight compared to the old 30BRC2 model. That’s one another reason, why and how IFB 30FRC2 became the best-selling microwave oven in India.

Features & Specifications

Talking about the features of this microwave oven, it has everything that you would expect in a high-end convection microwave oven. Still, to give you a revision, here is a table that explains all the features and specifications of the IFB 30FRC2 convection oven.


30 Litres


1 Year (3 Year Magnetron)

Child Lock



101 Recipes

Starter Kit


Control Pad




Power Consumption

2200 Watts


44 x 53.9 x 30 cm


18.4 KG

That’s a quick description of all the features & specifications of this model. It has a lot of day-to-day live useful features that we’re going to explain next.

Special Features

Now we’re about to dig a bit deeper down into all the special features inside this oven that you’ll probably be using in your daily kitchen tasks. Also, it has some safety features as well that we have explained here.

101+ Auto-Cook Recipes

With over 100+ auto-cook preinstalled recipes, you can cook your desired dishes at just a tap of a button. This technology is mostly available in high-end costly ovens. But IFB has provided this feature here under very affordable pricing.

Overheating Protection

A lot of times we get busy and forget to turn off the gas stove. It happens mostly while boiling milk in the kitchen. But not anymore, even if you forget to turn off your microwave oven, the smart overheating protection technology auto-detects high temperature and turns off the oven for you.

Child Lock

What’s more important than your child’s safety? With the child lock feature, you can stay assured that your kids are safe even if they are in the kitchen and the oven is running. The child lock feature locks the oven so that your kid does not mistakenly put their hand inside of the hot oven cavity.

Steam Clean

We have a complete guide on how to clean a microwave oven at home. Do read that properly so you can take care of your oven properly. But inside IFB 30FRC2, you get the steam clean technology that makes it a lot easier to clean your oven after cooking your everyday meal.


IFB 30FRC2 is just like the 30BRC2 model but it comes with a unique and beautiful floral print design on the front glass door.

If you are confused about which one to buy between these both, read our complete article that explains the difference between IFB 30BRC2 and 30FRC2.

To give you a quick answer, the IFB 30FRC2 weighs 2 KG less than the 30BRC2 model, provides the same features with a floral pattern design in addition.

That’s all you need to know about the IFB 30FRC2 model. We have explained everything about this model inside this review.

If you feel like something is missing, do let us know in the comments below. Let me know if this IFB 30FRC2 Review was useful for you or not.

So what is your final decision? Are you going to buy this microwave oven or not? Tell me in the comments below. I’ll see you soon in another guide.

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IFB 30FRC2 Convection Microwave

IFB 30FRC2 is one of the best affordable convection microwave ovens for home use in India. Along with beautiful design, it does also offer useful features.

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