5 Easy Recipes to Try on a New Oven

So you recently bought a new convection microwave or an OTG oven after reading our buying guides right? Well, the next thing you got to do is try experimenting on your new device right?

There are a lot of dishes that you can prepare in your newly bought oven inside your kitchen. But to be honest, if you are a complete beginner, you should try something easy first before getting advanced.

Well, just for you we have prepared this list of 5 very easy recipes to try on a new oven. You can easily find the step-by-step guides for these recipes on the Internet. Let’s get started with our list.

5 Easy Recipes to Try on a New Oven

1. Tandoori Chicken

If you are a chicken lover, you can’t deny that this is the first food item you crave at every marriage or party function. Well, congrats to you as you can now prepare the same taste at your home as well. Some of the LG microwave ovens have charcoal heating technology that makes your grill crispier like it’s cooked in Tandoor.

2. Baked Pasta

White cheese pasta is everyone’s love. But what if you bake the same thing and try a new taste in your new oven? Well, this recipe is something that might get inside your favorites list too. Of course, it comes with a lot of calories, but common you can at least give it a try on your cheat days?

3. Margherita Pizza

Probably a Pizza is the only thing for which you bought your new oven. But there are endless Pizza recipes to try on the Internet. If you are a complete beginner at baking or using an oven, we highly recommend you to first try a basic Margherita pizza. Also, go through our beginner baking tips so you don’t make newbie mistakes.

4. Paneer Samosa’s

Samosas are something we all Indians crave every morning. The taste of crispy aloo samosas in the morning along with chai is something that we can’t refuse. It’s really hard to refuse to eat samosas especially when you’re a gym freak. Well, again, on your cheat days you can try having Paneer flavored baked samosas in the morning. Let me tell you, you’re going to love it.

5. Spinach Corn Sandwich

Why is everything high calories on the list, you should try something healthy too right. Well, Spinach Corn Sandwich is something not a lot of people know about. Well, they just prepare the same regular vegetable sandwich in the kitchen. You can take a look at this amazing healthy recipe and prepare it for your kids in the morning.

All of these recipes are very easy to prepare and won’t take you much longer to learn and execute. This was our list of the 5 easy recipes to try on a new oven. Hope you have a great journey with your oven. For more amazing content like this, subscribe to The Oven Guide!

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