Types of Microwave Ovens in India | Buying Guide

Those days are now history when traditional ovens were used just for the purpose of reheating the food. Today, there are a lot of types of microwave ovens used for various purposes.

Microwave ovens are really an essential kitchen appliance that every housewife needs. Today, one can perform a hell of a lot of tasks just with a microwave at their home. You like that special chicken dish you watched on T.V.? Well, you can cook that at home.

Or you love enjoying rainbow pastries from Pastry Palace? You can even bake a perfect muffin-like those at home. I said it already, there are endless possibilities around what else you can do with a microwave oven today.

But before buying a microwave, one must have an idea about which oven they need to buy. There are a lot of types of microwave ovens available in our Indian market today.

But which one do you need? What fits exactly balanced between your needs and your budget? That’s what we are going to find out today here in this microwave buying guide.

Types of Microwave Ovens

types of microwave ovens in india

If we keep counting, there are a lot of different microwave mechanisms built to date. We have listed a couple of them in this article. But most importantly as per our Indian market and needs. There are three different types of microwave ovens in India.

  1. Solo Microwave
  2. Grill Microwave
  3. Convection Microwave

Basically, all these microwave ovens work on the same principle. We would not talk about the working of these microwaves, instead, we will discuss the features you get inside of these ovens. If you are still curious about that, read how a microwave oven works.

1. Solo Microwave

A solo microwave oven can be used for heating and cooking purposes. It is costs very cheap as compared to grill and convection microwave ovens.

In India, solo microwave ovens start from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000. You can do things like heating your morning food or cooking a dish inside your oven. But you can not experiment with things like grilling food items or baking some cakes.

As the name says it all, solo microwave ovens just have a solo feature of heating. If you’re looking to purchase a solo microwave. Here are our recommendations about the best solo microwave ovens in India.

2. Grill Microwave

A Grill Microwave oven can be used for grilling as well as heating and cooking the food. Grill microwave ovens cost slightly more than a solo microwave. But with a grill microwave oven, you can make grilled sandwiches, grilled meat, grilled paneer & vegetables.

In India, you can buy a grill microwave oven from between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Basically, it has a simple heating coil feature in addition which lets you grill your food items inside the oven. Here are our recommendations for the best grill microwave ovens in India.

3. Convection Microwave

A convection microwave oven unlocks all the capabilities of a microwave oven. It costs between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 25,000 and more.

But with a convection microwave oven, you can do all your desired experiments in the kitchen. Be it cooking, heating, grilling, & most importantly baking as well.

Basically, a convection microwave oven has a circulating fan installed within the microwave which ensures uniform heating inside of the microwave.

But it’s not just limited to it, a convection oven also has a lot of fancy features. This includes things like digital display, touch buttons, child lock, auto-cooking recipes, etc.

Convection microwave ovens cost a lot as compared to solo or grill microwave ovens but they are definitely worth it. As you can do all the stuff with it along with all the capabilities of a solo & grill microwave.

If you have a budget above Rs. 10,000, you must invest that into a good convection microwave. If you are still having any doubts, feel free to read this guide where we have recommended the best convection microwave ovens in India in 2022.

On the basis of your cooking requirements, here is a quick comparison table to give you an idea of what type of microwave oven will be worth buying for you.






Tea & Coffee

Rice & Noodles


Grilled Paneer

Grilled Chicken





A microwave oven is not less than a life savior for housewives. It automates a lot of tasks of a kitchen. If you do not have a microwave yet, we highly recommend you to get one at home.

Also, OTG Ovens are also becoming hotter these days. OTGs are not microwave ovens but these are also a type of oven used for cooking purposes. Read more about it in this guide on the best OTG ovens.

These days, microwave ovens come along with a lot of useful features. You can’t even expect how much you can get in return after investing in a good microwave oven.

With all the latest technologies, a microwave oven can easily automate and make your kitchen tasks easier for you. We hope this guide helped you to give you some more depth about the types of microwave ovens in India.

If you still have any questions left, please leave them below in the comment section. We would love to help each one of you. Thanks for reading this one till here. Keep visiting!

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