How to Check if Your Microwave Oven is Leaking?

A microwave oven is a cooking tool that every kitchen must have. Since, it is an electrical appliance. There are possibilities of having some errors in the machine which might result in microwave radiation leakage.

If you think your microwave oven is leaking radiation, but not sure if it really is. Keep reading as today we’ll guide you how to check if your microwave oven is leaking. Also, we’ll discuss what are the harmful effects of microwave radiation leakage on human health?

So this is going to be a really informative and important guide, make sure to read till the end as we’ll also give you tips on how to fix the microwave radiation leakage.

How to Check if Your Microwave Oven is Leaking?

Before we discuss some methods to check if your microwave oven is leaking. It’s important to understand how harmful these radiations are to our human health.

How to Check if Your Microwave Oven is Leaking

So Is leaking a microwave oven dangerous for human health?

One straight answer to it, Yes. If a human body is in contact with microwave radiation continuously, then it can cause serious health issues.

That is why it’s important to keep checking if your microwave oven is leaking or not so that you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

But before we discuss that, let’s understand why microwave radiation leakage happens? What are the possible reasons due to which microwaves can leak out of the oven cavity?

If you take a closer look at this and take care of a few things, you can easily prevent radiation leakage from happening. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

Causes of Radiation Leakage

There are lots of possible reasons why microwave radiation leakage can happen. But, there are a few very popular reasons why radiation leaks out of an oven cavity. This happens with a lot of consumers, so make sure you prevent these things from happening.

Damaged Oven Door

A lot of times, the microwave oven door gets damaged slightly and the radiation leakage starts from there. This is the first place you must check for leakage, as you keep opening & closing the oven door while cooking, there are possibilities the door has got damaged.

Poor Maintenance

If you do not take care of your appliance properly, there might be some issues that start occurring in your oven sooner or later. That is why you must properly take care of your oven. Here is our complete guide on how to clean a microwave oven from inside.

Body Damage

Most of the time, this is the problem, look for the whole body area, you might find a few cracks through where radiation could get leaked. Just look for them, you can confirm the leakage by using the technique you’ll read further in the article.

Steps to Check Microwave Leakage

In this guide, we’ll go through two different methods by using which you can verify if your microwave oven is leaking or not.

Both of the techniques are really very simple, you’ll need a microwave leakage detector for the first test, however if you don’t have one, do follow our second method, you won’t need any device.

Microwave Leakage Detector

In case you already have a radiation leakage detector, you can use it to test if your oven is leaking harmful radiations or not. In case you do not have one, you can buy one, just click here.

To do a quick radiation leakage test, all you need is a radiation leakage detector, a bowl of water & your oven.

Simply, place a bowel filled up with water inside the oven and turn on your oven. Now hold your microwave leakage detector in hand and start moving it around the oven body.

Make sure you are using the detector at its highest limit, and keep your eyes on the detector readings. Do it until you find some fluctuations.

If the detector readings come under 5 milliwatts/cm2, then there’s no leakage in your microwave oven, however if it goes beyond 5, you need to get your oven repaired.

Mobile Phone Test

If you do not want to have the headache of buying a leakage detector first and then do a test, don’t worry you can follow this simple mobile phone test.

Basically, you can use any cell phone, even a keypad mobile phone. But make sure whatever device you’re using has a sim inserted in it.

Simply, take your cell phone and place it inside the oven cavity. Make sure your oven is not turned off, also unplug the oven from the main power switch as well.

Now take your personal or any other phone and call on that number which is inside the microwave oven.

If the number is not reachable, switched off, or couldn’t connect, your oven has no leakage. However, if your phone gets ringed, the oven does have some radiation leakage.


Microwave oven is a really useful kitchen appliance but if it is leaking radiation, it might become a big health problem for your family.

If you were confused whether your oven is leaking, you now know two different and simple methods to verify and take immediate action.

If your microwave oven is still in warranty, do get support from the customer care team of your oven brand. If not, make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible.

I hope now you know how to check if your microwave oven is leaking or not? Also, we explained to you two different tests that you can do to verify it. For more amazing content, follow The Oven Guide!

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