Philips OTG HD6975 Review | Philips 25 Litre OTG Review

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I know you’re desperately looking for an honest Philips OTG HD6975 Review. Well, congrats you are on the right page on the web.

As of today, we are going to review both of these Philips 25 litre & 36 litre OTG Ovens. The Philips HD6975 OTG Oven has become very popular within a very short time period.

It’s very obvious too as there was a gap in the Indian OTG Market that Philips chose to take advantage of and really took care of.

You might be getting second thoughts like, is it really worthy or there are any other better options?

To be honest, the only competitor to this Philips OTG under this price bracket is the Agaro OTG, for details checkout Agaro Marvel OTG Review.

In this review, we are about to answer all your queries. Well, now let’s not take much time and finally move ahead towards our detailed Philips OTG HD6975 Review.

Philips OTG HD6975 Review (25 L & 36 L OTG)

Here are quick pros and cons of the very popular Philips OTG

Philips 25 L OTG
Philips 36 L OTG

Philips 25 Litre OTG Review

Philips has a decent trust base in our Indian consumer appliance market. When talking about ovens, especially in the OTG segment, Philips 25 Litre OTG Oven is the best seller in India. Their 36 Litre variant is also a similar option for people looking to invest in an OTG.

Before discussing you in further detail, let’s have our regular specification table so you can get a better idea of the product in your head.


25 Litres


2 Year

Control Pad

Jog Dials


1500 watts

Let’s move ahead and discuss the special features packed inside this best-selling OTG Oven.

Special Features

Philips OTG Oven is more than just an OTG with boring rotating dials. The reason why Philips HD6975 is popular in India is because of its special features.

Generally, most of the OTG Ovens just come with normal heating capability that can definitely grill and bake as well. But unlike convection microwaves, OTG Ovens do not have many fancy features.

Here are a couple of special features that make this OTG worth buying as compared to the other ones in the market.

Digital Display

The Philips HD6975 comes along with a digital display that shows important settings like temperature, timer, etc. With a digital display, this OTG also has a few electronic controls to handle the OTG settings.

While most of the OTG Ovens had just a jog dial, here with Digital Display & electronic button controls, Philips probably won a war against all other OTG selling brands in the market.

Opti-Temp Technology

For a very beginner in baking, it gets really hard to bake out perfect cakes as most of the time they get burned or half-baked. To avoid that, you must read our special tips for beginners in baking.

But to overcome that problem, Philips has come up with this Opti-Temp technology that ensures an even distribution of the heat inside the oven to bake as perfect cakes and cookies as you want.

Chamber Light & Preset Menu

Due to the availability of chamber light inside the oven, it gets very easy to look inside the oven without opening it. Not just that, but the chamber light also makes the oven look more beautiful inside the kitchen.

All you need to do is press one single button to turn on or off the chamber light of the oven. This beautiful light inside the oven is a special concept by Philips that makes this OTG much more worth buying.

Also, just like auto-cooking options inside microwave ovens, this OTG Oven also comes up with a One-touch preset menu where you just need to enter your desired dish and the oven technology automatically calculates the temperature and timer of the oven.

There are a couple of more special features like preheating technology, 90-minutes auto-cutoff, etc. But with all that, Philips also does provide some important multi-cooking accessories like grilling rack, baking tray, rotisserie, & tongs.

Overall, for its cost, it’s definitely worth buying OTG in India. For a family of 4-5 people, this 25 Litre OTG Oven is the best choice in India.

Additional Upgrades in 36 L Model

Philips also has another variant of this same model with a 36 Litre capacity. For a family of 4-5 people, the 25 Litre storage model is still a perfect choice. But in case, you want a bit more capacity, here this 36 Litre model is the best fit for you.

The Philips 36 Litre OTG Oven has all the features available in the 25 Litre model, discussed above. But with all of that, it also has some additional features and upgrades.

The Philips 36 Litre model comes with 2000 watts that makes cooking much faster and smoother. With 10 Indian menus, it’s specially designed for preheating before baking your desired desserts.

With all that said, you get convection functionality along with Opti-Temp technology to control the heating much more efficiently.

Both, Philips 25 Litre & 36 Litre OTG Ovens come with a 2-year warranty. In case, you need you can avail the benefit of it.

Although, the 25 Litre model is their best-selling OTG. But the 36 Litre model is also definitely a go-to choice if you have a much more budget and you need more capacity.

Should you buy this OTG Oven?

The straight answer to the question, Yes! You should go for this OTG. It is the best OTG oven in India as it has all the latest technologies with a digital display and beautiful design. The chamber light in addition is one of the USPs of this oven.

The Philips 25 Litre OTG oven is a very easy-to-use kitchen appliance with a lot of special features. Be it preheating, baking, cooking, heating, or grilling, you can do all the things with this cute and beautiful OTG.

OTG ovens become really hot while working. With special technologies like a 90-minute cut-off, Philips has also taken care of the safety of the users.

The one-touch preset menu has a variety of options where you just need to enter your dish and the oven calculates the required temperature and timer of the oven for you.

With all these things, you also get the following things packed inside the delivery box:

  • Baking Tray
  • Tong
  • Grill Rack
  • Crumb Tray
  • Skewer Rods
  • Indian Recipe Booklet
  • Rotisserie Rod
  • User Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty Card

What else can you even expect? In such a price range, especially for a small family, this OTG Oven is a perfect choice ever. Although, there are other brands in the market with bigger capacity ovens at the same price.

But none of them compete with this Philips model as they lack all the special value you get with this OTG. Still, if you think you need more capacity, just go for their 36 Litre model, simple!

The Philips HD6975 is a very popular OTG in the market. There is no other model by any brand that competes with it in the market.

If you belong to a small family with 4-5 people, then just go for it. There is no other best option available in the OTG segment in its price bracket. Yes, definitely you should buy this OTG Oven.


Philips has produced one of the finest OTG ovens considering our Indian Market. Especially in the OTG segment, there were not many digital ovens with the latest technologies.

This brand not only filled the gap but also gave our OTG market the best products ever. Most of the small families looking for an OTG, prefer choosing the Philips 25 Litre, model.

While there are bigger capacity models available by other brands, still people prefer this oven because of its so many valuable features.

Things like digital display, electronic buttons, cooking presets, auto shut-off, chamber light, were not really available in other old OTG ovens. That’s why this Philips model has captured the Indian OTG market.

Let us know if our Philips OTG HD6975 review helped you clear all your thoughts about this oven? What do you think about it? Is it worth it or are you still in confusion? Leave your thoughts below to help more consumers like you. For more amazing content, stay tuned!

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Philips 25 L OTG Oven Review (HD6975/00)

No doubt, Philips 25 Litre OTG oven is one of the best OTGs available in the market suitable for a family of 4-5 people.

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