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Morphy Richards is one of the best-selling brands in India considering the OTG ovens market segment. That is the reason today, here in this article we are going to do an honest Morphy Richards 52 RCSS Review.

Whether you own a baking shop or you need a big OTG for your home. Morphy Richards RCSS OTG Ovens are considered to be a good choice, especially for professional baking purposes.

This OTG oven suits a perfect fit for both homes and shops. If you’re still having thoughts like is it worth the price?

Should you invest in this OTG or are there any other options available in the market? You’ll have all your queries answered by the end of this post so that you can analyze whether it is the best fit for you or not.

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS Review

Here is a quick glimpse about the best and worst of this Morphy Richards OTG


Morphy Richards 52 Litre OTG Review

Morphy Richards is a British home appliance manufacturer company and their 52 RCSS OTG oven is very popular in our Indian market. It comes with three capacity variants with 40 Litre, 52 Litre & 60 Litre capacity.

Also, there is a 28 Litres capacity Morphy Richards OTG available as well. So as per your needs and requirements, you can go for whatever capacity suits you the best. From Morphy Richards 28 Litres OTG to 60 RCSS. It’s kind of a review for all these models but we have focused more on the 52 Litres model.

There are a lot of other options as well in India like the Philips 25 Litre OTG & the Agaro Marvel OTG Oven.. But mostly, these are best for small families. For big families of 7-8 people, we needed a big OTG.

Not just for that, even if you’re looking to open a baking shop. You need a big OTG Oven to do multiple tasks at once. Considering its price bracket, it is the best OTG Oven as of now in India.

Now, before we go ahead here is a specifications chart to have an overview of the product.


52  Litres


2 Years

Control Pad

Jog Dials


2000 watts

Motorized Rotisserie


Convection Feature


It was just a basic specifications table to give you an overview of this Morphy Richards OTG Review. Let’s move ahead and look at what else this oven offers to the consumers.

Special Features

Even though this is an OTG Oven. It still has a lot of special features. Being an OTG Oven, it also has a convection feature combined to regulate heat just like a convection oven.

The motorized rotisserie inside this OTG Oven works like a charm and will make your life much easier cooking inside the kitchen or baking something. Here are some special features of this OTG Oven.

Multiple Functions

The Morphy Richards 52 RCSS OTG Oven comes with multiple functioning technology where you can use multiple functions alone or combined to give you some awesome results.

For e.g, you can do defrost, baking, or use Broil + Rotisserie + Convection. Similarly, you can use Toast + Rotisserie + Convection.

Stay On Function

It has a stay-on feature that keeps the OTG Oven on to keep the food warm even after exceeding your set timer. This feature is really useful if you get late at serving the dishes and you won’t have to reheat it again.

This stay-on function keeps the food warmer to a very nice temperature so you can enjoy the same taste later on. It comes very usefully as you can expect.

Steel & Mirror Finish

With all that being said, this OTG oven is built of good stainless steel which results in much more uniform heat inside of the OTG Oven.

With the convection feature combined in this OTG, the heat flows thoroughly and equally inside of the OTG to cook the food uniformly.

Also, the mirror finish door looks very stylish when you place your oven inside the kitchen. It has really a very shiny and reflective finish that makes it look much more premium.

These were some highlighting features of this OTG and with all of these. Definitely, it also has all the basic features like the cooking timer and temperature control button.

But the multiple functioning feature will amaze you with its capabilities. Also, you get a complete kebab rod set for your non-veg kebab dishes at home.

The motorized rotisserie results in cooking delicious and crispy kebabs at home. The illuminated chamber makes your life much easier as you can look at your food being cooked without opening the door.

Should you buy this OTG Oven?

Let’s come to the final question. Should you invest in this OTG Oven? Is it the best choice for you? Well, if you have a large family and you want to go with an OTG, not a convection oven.

Then yes, it is a go for it choice for you. Because there are no other better options considering the same capacity size and price bracket for you inside of the OTG oven segment.

This OTG Oven has a huge capacity of 52 Litres and definitely, you have the option to choose other variants with your desired capacity from 28 Litre, 40 Litre, 52 Litre to even 60 Litres. 

But the Morphy Richards 52 Litre Model sells the most in our Indian market and that might be the best option for you as well. Yes, it’s a perfect choice for medium to big families or for a baking shop as well.


Morphy Richards is very famous all over the world for their home and electrical appliances. This brand has produced a really good model for Indian families who prefer going with an OTG instead of convection ovens.

The Morphy Richards 52 RCSS is the best-selling OTG oven in its price segment in India. If you’re a family of 7-8 people or more you definitely need a big capacity oven. Also, you have multiple options to choose from 28 RCSS, 40 RCSS & 60 RCSS models as well.

This 52 Litre OTG oven model can be a really good choice for your family. Or even if you need to upgrade your old OTG oven at the shop, this might be a perfect upgrade plan for you.

So this was our honest Morphy Richards 52 RCSS Review and we tried to explain all the features and functions of this OTG to you guys.

If you still have any queries left please do leave them for us in the comments. For more helpful information and guides about ovens, subscribe to our notifications.

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Morphy Richards 52 RCSS OTG Review

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS is one of the best investments in OTG for medium to big size families and baking shops.

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