Solo Microwave vs OTG Oven – Which one is better?

So I think you are confused between choosing Solo microwave vs OTG Oven, right? Well, that’s pretty obvious as both of these devices have mostly the same work and come at similar prices.

But don’t worry as today here in this article, we are going to tell you which one should you consider going with, what are the best options to buy under both and a lot more. Keep reading!

Solo Microwave vs OTG Oven - A Detailed Guide

Before coming to a conclusion which one is better between a solo microwave and an OTG Oven. Let’s try to understand that what is the main use of both of these and what are the main differences between them.

Solo Microwave Oven

A solo microwave oven is the most basic type of microwave oven that can be used to normally heat, cook, reheat or defrost food items. You already know inside a solo microwave oven, microwaves are used to produce heat and cook food.

The structure and mechanism of a solo microwave oven let the inside distribute heat evenly as the heat is being produced by the microwaves. Also, the cooking time in a solo microwave oven is really fast as it’s just made for heating & reheating purposes.

OTG Oven

An OTG Oven is uses heating coils to produce the heat and cook food inside them. It can also be used to do the same things like heating, cooking, defrosting food items.

But as the heat is being produced by the heat coils here, there is no such mechanism to distribute heat evenly inside a basic OTG Oven. But the main benefit of an OTG is that it consumes less power.

Difference Between OTG and Solo Microwave Oven

The only major difference between an OTG and a solo microwave oven is their working mechanisms. An OTG works on heating coils whereas a solo oven works on microwave heating. But if we consider other necessary factors then there are a couple of differences between them both.

For e.g, a basic OTG oven is available in the market for as low as Rs 4,000-5,000. You can also find a solo microwave oven under such a price bracket. But you’ll get to see a huge difference between the capacity of both under the same price range.

Even if you go higher in price to buy a convection microwave oven, still you will see that an OTG oven will come with a big capacity at the same price compared to a convection or solo microwave.

The reason behind that is that at higher prices, microwave oven comes with a lot of the latest features like auto-cooking, child lock, digital display, etc. But an OTG oven does not have these features.

Even if you go with a high-budget OTG oven like the Morphy Richards 52 Litre OTG, you will get huge capacity but not these features like in a high-end microwave oven.


Our recommendation is that if you are just looking for an oven for normal purposes under a budget like Rs 5,000-7,000, you should consider going with an OTG oven as that’s a perfect deal for people looking for an oven for normal heating purposes.

But let’s say if you have a shop where you have to heat, bake a lot of items at once, then only you need a huge capacity OTG oven. So in that case, if you have a budget over Rs. 10,000, you can again go for an OTG.

But honestly, if you’re just looking for an oven for home, I don’t think you will need such a huge OTG. Instead, it will just cover up a lot of space inside your kitchen. In that case, you can go for a microwave oven that comes with a lot of useful features for day-to-day cooking tasks.

I hope this guide was useful for you to determine which one to choose from solo microwave vs OTG ovens. See you soon in another oven guide!

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